Top Technologies That Are Transforming The Ways Ads Are Delivered

The internet has revolutionized how advertisers reach their prospects. However, the cut-throat competition among the advertisers calls for business to get creative in delivering the ad messages to their target audience. Fortunately, there are tons of new technologies that enable the marketers to create the right message with efficient ad targeting on a low budget. Here are some marketing technologies to look out for in 2018.

Big Data And AI

Artificial Intelligence and big data have been around for some time. Essentially, the technologies involve the manipulation of available data to discover trends and other variables. Advertisers can now make informed decisions on what products to market to whom when to advertise and how much to spend on ad bidding. For example, Talking Ads Machine Learning Algorithms make use of data to enhance the performance of your promotions online thereby increasing the effectiveness of your ad.

The beauty of machine learning is that the algorithms can adjust to new data and future predictions. This way you can capitalize on targeting prospects that have characteristics you need and asses the probability of achieving the best positive impression for your ad. Moreover, you can predict future trends and adjust your marketing effectively.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) bring forth an alternative environment where prospects experience a perfect brand world. These technologies were initially created for the entertainment industry. However, over time, the technology has reinvented the marketing scene by allowing prospects to experience the world created by the products the company is offering.

These technologies are also used in marketing research in such areas as the following

  • Create a three-dimensional interview with consumers to help extract more information
  • Measure the reaction from a change of brand characteristics in the virtual space
  • Checking the brand engagement by getting instant feedback from the focus groups

Geolocation Technology

When a company is offering different solutions, it has to find the most relevant to a given customer at a given period. Companies leverage the user geolocation to push for content that is most relevant to them at the given time. This way marketers can increase the rate of response and the chances of buying the given goods and services

This technology is closely related to the Internet of Things where interconnection, user behavior and data come together to determine the most effective ads at any given time. This technology can be integrated with machine learning to increase the effectiveness of the message being sent forth. Innovative machine learning solutions like Talking Ads management services can assist link up geolocation information to customer data and help make individualized offers as per the location and nature of the prospect.

Video Content

Video content has been around for some time. However, in the recent past, there has been an explosion of video content. Video content is more engaging than text-based ads. This is the reason why YouTube is the world largest search engine.

Social media has caught up with the video phrase with both Facebook and Twitter leading the way in encouraging marketers to post video ads alongside with text ads. It is expected that the video marketing ads will take up 80 percent of all the consumer traffic by the year 2020. Therefore, if you would like to amplify your brand message, consider short, engaging ad videos for your different marketing channels.

Voice Search

Towards the end of the year 2017, there was an explosion in the sales volumes of the Alexa and Amazon Echo. Google also has built-in voice search features on the device browsers. This innovation gives the users a hands-free search experience in real-time.

These technologies pull their answers from the search engines. Google Home also makes use of featured snippets. Homepod has Bing search results also built into the answer algorithms. Therefore, traditional SEO will still make an impact in the voice searches. However, you must work to improve on straight answers as they are most likely to be picked when users ask questions on voice search.

Use Of Chatbots

As brands look for increased engagement with their customers, they find most consumers ask pretty straight questions over and over again. These questions can be answered through automated chatbots without human intervention. More complex questions can then be channeled to customer representatives.

Chatbots can also assist you to deliver short, targeted messages as visitors navigate your page. The messages may be tied to specific products, cursor movement or frequently asked questions. Chatbots lower the cost of customer service and enables your business to reach to the customers even after the normal business hours.

The marketing tools are expanding by the day. It is important to pick tools that help reach your marketing goals faster and more effectively.  The choice of the tools depends on your target market and the products that you wish to promote. The bottom line is that your ads should be user-centric and personalized for the target client.

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