5 Text Campaign Strategies For Your SMS Marketing Efforts

Marketing professionals are constantly looking to integrate the best text campaign strategies to improve SMS advertising results. Compared to emails, marketing through text message is a more direct route to reach your audience. At the same time, it is less intrusive than traditional cold calling methods. There are several companies available to help you operate your marketing campaign, however, it is essential to first identify a few key strategies. Read on to learn about the top text campaign strategies for your SMS marketing efforts.

Be Concise

Within your text message marketing communications, it is integral to always be concise. Keep your messages engaging, clever, and brief. Long, wordy messages overwhelm your customers. Get right down to the substantive issues of your communications. When using SMS strategies, you are likely already limited to 160 characters. Maximize the valuable content within your messages through industry-specific keywords, incentives, and engaging language. When messages are concise and easy to quickly read over, you greatly boost the overall success of your campaign.

Personalize Communications

Marketing professionals looking for the best SMS advertising strategies need to personalize communications to their audience. As a direct communication form, text message marketing provides the best way to connect with customers one-on-one. Traditional mass text services are unpersonalized, and often unsuccessful to driving traffic or generating leads. Commonly, most businesses achieve personalization simply through including the names of their customers in communications. If you refer to customers on a first-name basis, you reduce formality, and make communications more user-friendly. Refer to customer activity within your message. For example, ask them about a recent purchase, provide reminders, or updates on shipping. At the same time, you can additionally personalize messages to specific geographic locations. Refer to the performance of a local sports team, mention a nearby attraction, or bring up the weather.

Include Incentives

Within your SMS marketing efforts, you need to offer incentives to recipients. Valuable incentives encourage your audience to follow your call to action. When properly integrated, you will see incentives greatly boost the performance of your campaign. Receiving incentives makes customers feel as if they are part of your community. Consider offering customers 25% or 50% off their next purchase of specific items. Include a specific promo code so that offers appear more exclusive. When you launch your text message marketing campaign, constantly include incentives in order to better engage your audience, and improve advertising results.

Develop A Friendly Brand Shortcode

You need to develop a brand-friendly shortcode for your SMS marketing campaign. Simply put, shortcodes are five to six digit phone numbers specifically designed for commercial use. Since these codes are significantly shorter than phone numbers, they are much easier to remember. When you use a code that reflects information about your brand, these codes become even easier for consumers to memorize. All shortcodes issued are separately approved by mobile carriers. This approval ensures that messages will be processed to mobile phones and not blocked by wireless carriers. You can easily customize and choose your shortcode in a texting software for business communications. Include a friendly brand shortcode within your SMS marketing campaign to boost overall results.

Identify Ideal Delivery Times

In order to plan your SMS strategy, you need to research, identify, and implement the best delivery times. Delivery time is essential to successful marketing campaigns. If you send messages at three or four in the morning, you will likely not see high traffic levels. Instead, look for times throughout the day where audiences are awake, and using their smartphones. Most commonly, businesses choose to deliver communications at noon or 3:00 PM. On top of identifying the best times to post throughout the day, you should also identify the ideal number of times to deliver communications every month. Deliver communications frequently enough that you remain on the top of their mind. However, ensure you do not over-deliver communications. Too many messages has a tendency to frustrate your valued customers, which can have detrimental impacts on your campaign success.

Integrating the best SMS strategies into marketing campaigns is an excellent tool for marketing professionals to boost advertising results. The best marketing texting services for business offer a number of unique advertising services. Always deliver engaging, brief, and concise communications to your audience. Integrate various promotions and incentives into all SMS messages that you send. Create a friendly brand shortcode for your business. Personalize individual messages directly to your audience. Furthermore, identify the ideal delivery times to increase campaign success. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about the top text campaign strategies for your SMS marketing efforts.

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