Top Business Schools To Pursue Best Executive MBA Programs

To recruit the best talent, you should know the top business schools in the US. Working knowledge about the top business schools in the US helps recruiters evaluate each MBA programs and then convince prospective students as to why they should get their MBA. The rigor of each MBA program determines if the students are ready to enter the corporate world. Although there are many business schools in the US, only a handful of them truly prepare students to take up real life business challenges.

The top business schools in the US provide a comprehensive curriculum and highly qualified team of professors. In addition, they expose students to the ever changing global business environment through interactive sessions, developing their problem solving skills. In this post, the top business schools in the US have been listed for their MBA programs.

Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Every year around 7,355 students across the US apply to get to Standford University. But, this prestigious university only accepts 7% of these applications. Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business offers a two year residential MBA course. Upon enrolling, students pay an annual tuition fee of $61,875 to learn about communication models and other important aspects of business. However, the high tuition fees are balanced out by a 92% employment rate with substantial salaries. Moreover, top recruiters including Google, LinkedIn, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey and Bain & Co hire MBAs from Stanford University.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology – Sloan

The Sloan School at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is world-renowned for their business programs. In fact, they even have one of the top executive MBA programs available. The school recently topped lists for the best business schools in the United States, beating out tons of other schools to crack the top twenty in the nation. If you want to attend a top business program at a technology school, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the place to be.

The Harvard Business School

Just like Stanford University, Harvard Business School offers a two year full time MBA program, costing around $139,186. Additionally, this university offers doctoral programs in various business streams including accounting & management, business economics, health policy management, marketing and others. Being one of the top business schools in US, Harvard University receives 9,543 student applications every year that want to learn much more than how to speak in public. Nevertheless, only 12% of the applicants actually get accepted into this prestigious university. Attributing to the uniqueness of this MBA program, Harvard University’s faculty emphasize using the case study method of teaching.

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Another top business school in the US, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, encourages students to become thought leaders. Along with four full time MBA programs, this university also offers a part time MBA program and non-degree Executive Education programs. In addition, there is the Russell Fellows Program which is the MS in Management program offered by Kellogg School of Management. The annual tuition fee for its MBA program is $61,596 which is justified by 90% employment after course completion. To enhance students’ skills, Kellogg School of Management encourages them to get involved in research, coordinating guest lectures regularly.

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Oldest among the top business schools in the US, The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania offers full time undergraduate programs in business management, compliance management and MBA programs. Under the MBA program, students can earn dual or joint degrees. Moreover, the students get to choose from 18 majors and 200 electives. The Wharton School of Business employs around 517 part time and full time faculty members. They teach students skills beyond the regular curriculum like handling stress and critical thinking. It is probably The Wharton School of Business’ innovative approach to business management education that results into 96% employment after graduation.

The Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

The Booth School of Business at University of Chicago offers a twenty-one month full time MBA program along with two part time MBA programs. This top US business school allows students to pursue a part time MBA on the weekends or in the evening. Under the MBA program, students will study only one main course, Leadership Effectiveness and Development. In fact, the Booth School of Business’s curriculum focuses on leadership topics like conflict management, interpersonal communication, team work, influencing others and presentation skills. If you want to learn about mergers and acquisitions, you may want to look elsewhere. However, the employment rate of 97% proves the effectiveness of The Booth School of Business’s unique curriculum.

Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School, located in New York City, requires a GMAT score lower than the other top business schools featured on this list at 716. However, that definitely does not make this school any less incredible. With a five year MBA gain of $71,000 and a projected payback of 4 years, you certainly will not be hard up for cash after obtaining a degree from Columbia. If you want to attend one of the best business schools in the US and have access to events in NYC, consider pursuing a degree from Columbia Business School.

The top business schools in the US are very selective in admitting students in their MBA programs. However, each of the enrolled students get thoroughly prepared to handle serious business challenges, adding value to the company they serve. That’s why, recruiters always try to hire graduates from the top business schools in the US.

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