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The Leadership Institute is a non-profit group with the mission of grooming young conservatives for a career filled with political activism including fundraising, communications and grassroots organizing. However, as a female entrepreneur, this group does not offer you much unless you are looking to break into the conservative politics scene. Instead, you may be interested in learning about a similar organization backed by Manhattanville College that is targeted specifically for women in business. If you are a woman looking for business resources, there is only so much you can learn from entrepreneur TV shows. This post will highlight some of the best offerings from Manhattanville’s Women’s Leadership Institute.

Vision And Mission

The Leadership Institute at Manhattanville College Business School seeks to bring women together for collaboration, in addition to providing resources to teach women how to succeed in business. The Women’s Leadership Institute provides programs and lectures throughout the year as well as mentorships, coaching and training. If you are a woman in business, these resources  are indispensable; they will help give you an advantage over the competition in a male-dominated industry. It is also one of the best community service ideas if you love the idea of women helping women in business.

Certificate Program

In addition to the many lectures, networking events and training programs coordinated by the Leadership Institute throughout the year, the organization also offers a certificate program called the “Lead with Distinction” certification program. This certification aims to teach women the skills they need to thrive in leadership roles throughout the business world by encouraging their leaders to devise a definitive strategy for business decision making. This is certain to help you learn everything about business, from how to franchise to how to manage. With a costly price tag of $6,000 per person, you may want to see if your company will reimburse you if you are interested in receiving this certification.

Annual Events

The high cost of the Leadership Institute’s certification program may prove prohibitive for some however, the organization’s annual events are a great alternative. The Women’s Leadership Institute offers everything from lunchtime webinars to evening networking events covering topics regarding the multi-generational workplace, time management and learning to conduct meetings that drive results. If you a female entrepreneur, there is no better place to stay current on business trends than the Women’s Leadership Institute at Manhattanville College.


If you belong to a corporation that is looking to sponsor the Women’s Leadership Institute, there are always opportunities available. The Leadership Institute offers various levels of annual sponsorship however, you must be willing to sponsor the organization for at least two years in order to be eligible. In addition to the Platinum, Gold and Silver partnership levels, you can also choose to make donations as an individual donor, if you like what the Women’s Leadership Institute is doing but do not belong to a company that wishes to sponsor them. This is an excellent option for women looking to help increase the number of women in business by helping the next generation of women entrepreneurs to succeed.

Another Leadership Institute

You may also be interested in another variety of The Leadership Institute if you own a business in the healthcare field. The Leadership Institute is also the name of a membership organization for senior leadership teams from advanced are delivery systems. The group promises the opportunity to focus on new ideas, issues and challenges collectively. This is done by providing a strategic, deliberative process for members to identify and explore provider delivery system challenges. If you own a healthcare business, consider joining this professional group as well for further self improvement.

If you are a woman in business, you probably do not care much about The Leadership Institute that most are familiar with, that trains young conservatives for a career in politics. Instead, you should be more interested in the Women’s Leadership Institute through Manhattanville College. This organization provides women entrepreneurs with a plethora of resources, including panel interview events and webinars,  to improve their odds of success in a male-driven field. Visit the Women’s Leadership Institute website to find out more about these woman leadership opportunities.

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