5 Time Management Mistakes That New Startup Entrepreneurs Make

Entrepreneurs who make time management mistakes struggle to launch their startups successfully. They have the necessary skills to perform tasks correctly, but fail to complete them in a timely manner. As an entrepreneur, you can avoid financial issues by managing your time properly. Moreover, you can expedite your startup process and begin earning profits faster. Before you can achieve these goals and learn how to be an entrepreneur, you need to avoid making mistakes with your time. Continue reading to learn the top time management mistakes first year startup entrepreneurs make.

Not Prioritizing Correctly

You only have so many hours in the day. You probably don’t have enough time to accomplish everything that you have in mind. Too many entrepreneurs have unrealistic expectations of themselves when they set out to get things done every day.

You’re going to run into trouble if you have a massive to-do list. Furthermore, you will not be able to complete all of your tasks if you do not realistically estimate how long each one will take. Things are going to run a lot easier if you make a list and order it according to priority. Start from the beginning and get the most important tasks done first. You’ll be surprised by how much more progress you will make by following this simple time management strategy.

Failing To Avoid Distractions

Social media and other websites have become the bane of countless entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are constantly distracted by Twitter notifications and Instagram updates. Once they open up their notifications, they lose track of time. Before they know it, they wasted an hour browsing social media channels. Text messages and personal emails can also be extremely distracting. Every entrepreneur needs to recognize how much of a time sink digital distractions are. You need to get rid of them while you’re trying to work.

Not Using Top Tools

There are a lot of great project management tools. Successful managers and business owners alike utilize numerous project management tools. They boost their productivity levels with software systems that offer time-tracking features, automated invoicing, meeting scheduling, and contact management. These tools assist business owners in achieving their goals. However, they only work if you use them.

Neglecting The 80/20 Principle

Some of the tasks that you dedicate your time to will pay off a lot more than others. Conventional wisdom says that 80% of your profits will be generated from 20% of your efforts. Some entrepreneurs have actually discovered that it is closer to 90%.

Don’t keep spending time indiscriminately. You need to constantly monitor your outputs and see what time investments are working the best. Once you have done this, you will be able to stop wasting time and allocate your time for maximum productivity.

Not Limiting Employee Conversation

Many business owners like to have an open door policy with their employees. They want to make sure that people feel comfortable coming to them with any issues. This is a sensible policy in moderation. The problem is that some employees will come to you with all kinds of unnecessary concerns. It is important to make sure that they recognize the importance of being self-sufficient when necessary. You also need to ask them to deal with problems with their coworkers on their own if possible. You can’t spend a tremendous amount of time babysitting them.

These are some of the most time management mistakes that first time entrepreneurs make. When starting up a business, time can be your most valuable asset. Prioritize your tasks and order them carefully. Wherever possible, implement time tracking software and tools that will keep you focus on the most important tasks throughout the day. Furthermore, use the 80/20 rule to maximize your productivity. If you have to, limit conversations when employees become too needy. By taking these steps, you can avoid common mistakes that cost entrepreneurs too much time.

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