How Toll-Free Numbers Can Help Your Business

A toll-free number is a phone number that the customers of your business can call from landlines without incurring long-distance fees. You can usually find them in customer service hotlines. Toll-free numbers allow more people to reach your company versus a toll number. Toll-free phone numbers use a variety of area codes, including 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888, and 800. In this article, you’ll learn the importance of having one. But first:

How To Get A Toll-Free Phone Number?

You must find an 800 service provider to get a toll-free phone number for your business. There are plenty of them in the market. Of course, a toll-free 800 number comes with a cost. So, business owners like you have to include the associated fees in their budget if they want to obtain one. Chances are you’ve already seen toll-free numbers advertised on websites, business cards, billboards, and in commercials, but, as a business owner, you’re probably still wondering if you really need one or they’re really only for the big companies?

Benefits Of Toll-Free Business Numbers

The truth is that all businesses, regardless of size, can benefit from a toll-free phone number that’s associated with their company. It’s better for your customers, especially since the last thing you’d want is for them to pay just to contact you (they’ll opt not to contact you instead if that’s the case). However, a toll-free number also gives your business the chance to stand out amongst your competitors. An 800 number encourages internal and external communication between you and your customers. But that isn’t its only use. Check out other essential benefits of having toll-free phone numbers for businesses.

Helps A Business Obtain A Local And A Broad Presence

A toll-free phone number allows a business to be in two places at once, and to be two businesses at once. You can target different types of leads, whether you’re interested in local customers who are likely to buy from their communities or are after those that prefer a clean corporate image. Toll-free number service providers offer different types of toll-free phone numbers at meager costs. That said, you can have both a local presence and a national presence no matter where you’re located. In many cases, these toll-free numbers have led local businesses to become national companies.

Serves As A Marketing Tool

Toll-free phone numbers can also be vanity numbers like 1-800-GOT JUNK or 1-800-GARDENS. These numbers serve as a entrepreneur marketing tools. Companies use these clever number combinations to come up with business phone numbers that customers won’t easily forget. A vanity number is available at the same price as regular toll-free numbers. The best thing to do is to search to find out if the vanity phone number you have in mind is still available on your long-distance or local phone carrier’s website.

Toll-Free Numbers Are Highly Portable

A toll-free phone number is easy to port from one area to another or from one carrier to another. That, of course, is a good thing, especially if you have plans to move your business. So, as long as you’re committed to your business, you don’t have to fear commitment to one telephone provider. Also, if you’re going to move out of state or even across the world, you can still maintain the relationships you’ve built with your customers from your first location using the same toll-free business number you originally had.

Makes It Easier For Your Customers To Call

As already mentioned, toll-free phone numbers make it so much easier for your customers to call your business not only because it can be free of charge but also since your phone number can be easily remembered, too. This largely improves company customer service. That said, whenever they need your services, they won’t struggle to find your number or recall it. Of course, the opposite happens if you’re only going to use a random phone number, especially if they’ve only seen it painted on the side of a vehicle or heard it in a commercial.

Improves Customer Relations

A toll-free business number improves your relationship with your customers. If your customers can’t get in contact with you, why would they want to continue doing business with your company? Think of it, would you want to purchase from a business that you can’t even get a hold of? What will happen if there’s an issue with the product? How do you return it or ask for a refund? A toll-free phone number can be used as a customer service hotline. Your customers must have a reliable telephone number to call if ever something goes wrong or even if they only wish to praise or compliment your product or service. When providing your customers with that kind of comfort, you’ll begin to establish trust in your relationship with them, which eventually will turn into customer loyalty.

Toll-free business phone numbers have become a hit because customers can easily remember them. Customers won’t forget you, especially if what you have is a vanity number. That’s how the benefits above become possible. That’s how it can help your business thrive. Ultimately, it will only lead to one thing – and that’s increased revenue for your business.

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