Top 5 Trends In Manhattan Real Estate Market To Know For Future Success

Manhattan real estate has typically been the costliest in the country, Manhattan homes cost millions of dollars, and Manhattan apartments are tens of thousands of dollars per square foot. Due to changes in property tax law, the market on Manhattan real estate has begun to slow. If you are an investor looking at New York properties, there are a few factors you should consider. In this article, we will address some concerns for investing in Manhattan real estate for your next business venture.

Current Cost Of Real Estate

Since the 1990s, the cost of Manhattan properties have been steadily rising thanks to the success of PR companies in the real estate sector. Now, the median value of homes listed in Manhattan is $1,749,000, while the median price of homes sold is $1,040,900. These prices are typically for homes between 700 and 1000 square feet. As an investor, you should consider the average price of these properties when looking for opportunities. Prices also depend on whether you are looking to own a property or rent. Use your resources and do your research to find the best property for your investment.

Falling Prices in 2018

2018 has been a rough year for the Manhattan real estate market. According to experts, sales of properties have fallen 12% and properties are being listed at lower prices. The median price of homes is down 2.5% from 2017 and is estimated to rise 0.4% in the upcoming year. As a potential investor, this is good news that spells opportunity. This means that prices are down in a market that has shown long-term steady growth. The big question to consider is timing. Due to increasing development of high end apartments and changes in property tax law, prices may dip further before rebounding. While you may be able to profit now, there may be a bigger profit to be made through patience.

Property Taxes

One of the biggest developments affecting the Manhattan real estate market is not environmental protections, it is the recent change to property tax laws. Property owners are already seeing the side effects of this law and the market is shifting accordingly. Under the new law, property owners can no longer deduct as much money as they used to. In 2017 owners could deduct up to 7400 dollars, but as of this year that amount has dropped to 2600. If you invest in a property through a mortgage, over the next 30 years that will amount to a $115,000 loss. Even if you are able to purchase a real estate property at a lower price, this amount may be outweighed by property taxes. You can use this property tax calculator to check whether your investment will be worth it.

Housing Bubble

As a real estate investor, the idea of a housing market bubble can be an absolute nightmare. As an investor, the big questions you should consider are if a bubble exists. And if so, when will the bubble pop? According to recent trends the bubble may have already started to pop. As mentioned above, housing prices have started to fall in the last 6 years and owners have lower expectations for listings. If supply continues to exceed demand, prices will continue to drop. As an investor, carefully evaluate prices and take advantage when prices are low.

The Future Of Manhattan Real Estate

In every market there are dips and spikes, even in the lands featured in Australian Geographic. The Manhattan real estate market is considered to be a safe investment due to space and desirability being a factor. Even after falling prices in the last 6 years, sales have already started to rebound and property prices are slowly starting to rise again. As an investor, it would be wise to consider investing in New York properties now. As the population continues to grow and the economy rises, there will be no shortage of people interested in renting or owning a Manhattan home.

One must always be careful when making investments. That being said, being too cautious can be detrimental to making money. There are many opportunities to profit from the Manhattan real estate market now. Invest wisely and seize your opportunities. Just be sure to consider the facts and tips detailed above when making those business investment decisions. Then, you are sure to make wise Manhattan real estate investments, no matter how the current Manhattan real estate market climate is doing.

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