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Whether you’re a small business owner or a project manager at a large corporation, you understand that there is sometimes a need for remote communication options. Most popularly, business owners are turning to video calling. To learn more, this article will highlight five websites that provide video conference call options so that you are able to stay on task no matter where you may find yourself.

Go To Meeting

GoToMeeting is probably the most well known of the video conferencing websites, as many have seen their commercials on tv. It is a great option for those looking for a streamlined experience because it runs well alongside programs such as Gmail and Outlook. After a free thirty-day trial, you are able to purchase the package that best suits your business’ needs. Prices range from $24/month for a small group of five attendees to upwards of $49/month for online meetings allowing up to 100 attendees. Offering a range of options, GoToMeeting can be a video conferencing provider for growing solutions.

On Stream Media

Another highly regarded video conferencing website is Onstream Media. This website is consistently ranked as one of the best options out there. The company offers webinars that support up to 300 attendees, and after a free thirty-day trial costs start at $49/month. This site may not be the best fit for some small businesses because it lacks the tiered pricing benefits that other options offer. However, their user experience and features might just make it worthwhile for your business.


While ClickMeeting may not be one of the biggest names in video conference solutions, it is definitely one of the better options. You can try it out for 30 days free to see for yourself. This video conferencing provider offers whiteboard tools, as well as features to share desktop and share mouse and keyboard. The software also provides in app chat, calendar integration, audio and video recordings and social media integration. If you need a video conference software that offers comprehensive features and collaborative tools for the ultimate in unified communications, this may be the one for you.


WebEx is a great video conferencing option for small business owners. This site offers free meetings for up to three participants and the added benefit of tiered pricing. Prices start at $18/month for up to 8 attendees but can climb up to $89/month for larger meetings of up to 100 participants. WebEx conferences include recording and application share capabilities, which may be worth the extra money for those working with a larger team.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is another option that allows free conferences between just two people. In addition, this site also offers pricing packages ranging from $12/month for meetings of up to 5 people to $49/month for meetings of up to 100 people. Zoho Meeting is 100% browser based joining which provides the benefit of ease of use for those in serviced offices who may not be as tech-savvy. This sight also has the option of an embedded widget to add to your website, which may be a significant benefit for some business meeting requirements.

Google Hangouts

Last, but certainly not least, is the incredibly well-known Google Hangouts. This site is probably not an option for professionals who need to conference with a large group, but it is a great option for smaller businesses. Google Hangouts provides free meetings for up to 10 people while linking to your other Google features such as Gmail or your calendar. For business who run on google, this could be a quick and easy solution.

There are many options for online video conferencing whether you need it for working from home or a whole team of international employees, but these sites offer ease of use for a variety of needs. Whether your meetings have 300 participants or just 3, there is an option there for you. With a variety of pricing options and many month-long free trials, your business won’t have to break the bank to stay in touch with employees or colleagues over any distances.

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