Emerging Unified Communications Trends May Revolutionize Business Operations

Many technology experts have posited that company IT and unified communications trends will change more in the next 18 months than they have in the past decade – is your business prepared? In response to the recent increase in both unified communication and collaboration and BYOD (bring your own device) demands, the need for reliable and efficient technology in the workplace is on the rise. In addition, many cloud providers have stated that they expect double-digit growth in cloud-based UC adoption in the next year. Along with this, visual communications are also expected to have a breakout year in 2015, cementing the importance of video calls in daily business operations. Lastly, because flextime and working from home are becoming staples in most firms, IT experts expect that mobile capabilities will become a large priority in the next few months as well. Check out the infographic below for more information on upcoming trends in unified communications:


What Is So Great About Unified Communications?

Well, it is simple. Unified communications can help your business become as efficient as possible. Unified communications does not refer to a single product, like live answering service features, as most people incorrectly assume. This phrase refers to the process of optimizing multiple devices and media types for the most efficient, effective communication possible. This stands to improve your business exponentially. Less money will be wasted on unproductive hours spent trying to translate files and communications for each platform it will be viewed on. If you want to speed up processes at your office to maximize efficiency and output, consider a UC solution for your business.

Emerging Trends For The New Year

This year, new unified communications trends are beginning to gain steam that are much more exciting than webinar software. Voice assistants based on AI technology are promising to be the next big thing for the unified communications industry. There are not many business applications of these smart assistant programs. However, the coming year is shaping up to be the year many new AI assistance software options begin to roll out. This is an exciting prospect that stands to revolutionize business operations.

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