5 Features Top Coworking Spaces NYC Offer Your Employees

There are several advanced features top coworking spaces NYC can offer your employees. Generally, people in a coworking environment aren’t working for the same company. However, these neutral spaces tend to offer similar amenities that you could find in an office. Here, the major differentiator is flexibility. With a coworking space, you do not need to sign a long-term lease as you typically would for a New York City office unit. By using common infrastructure, technological equipment, and utilities, you can cut business expenses while improving efficiency. Read on to discover several advanced features top coworking spaces NYC can offer your employees.

Technology Access

Technology access is one advanced coworking space feature that can make optimize your company’s processes. Depending on your coworking space provider, different technological resources are available to your employees. With that being said, WiFi, outlet space, and printing access are three basic options available at most coworking spaces in New York City. Some also have 3D printing services, fax machines, and A3 printers that can be beneficial to your business. These resources can advance your business faster than saving up for these purchases in a conventional setting. They are also a great alternative to employees who work from home, as they can offer stronger internet connection. Technology access is one major sophisticated feature of coworking spaces in New York City.

Refreshment Amenities

Refreshment amenities are another beneficial feature of NYC coworking spaces. In New York, many locations offer coffee, espresso, and snack bars. This way, employees won’t have to leave their workspace to get food or drinks. Thus, this convenience incentivizes your employees while also boosting their productivity. One space in Brooklyn even offers Tuesdays Treats where employees can network together over cupcakes. This can expand opportunities for your business as well as build connections regularly. Refreshment amenities in NYC coworking spaces can help improve overall company efficiency while helping to grow your company.

Shared and Private Spaces

In NYC coworking settings, there are many shared and private spaces for employees to choose. In terms of design, there are no cubicles here as there commonly are in the standard office. Rather, there are expansive lounges, glass-walled private offices, and even write-on-the-wall conference rooms. In addition, there are also convenient hot desks. A hot desk is a workspace system where desks are used by different employees at different times on an ad hoc base to maximize efficiency. With these different options, there is plenty of space for collaboration and private productivity. Employees can rent a conference room as well to stay on-task and get the job done. Shared and private spaces offer versatile options for your employees to work productively throughout the day.


In New York City, a coworking space is optimal for your business because it can offer great flexibility. Many are open 24/7 to accommodate your employees’ schedules and the diverse needs of businesses. Coworking space owners have an advanced ability to adjust the environment according to current business’ needs. In business, change is constant. Being in a shared workspace allows for easy, efficient environmental adjustments. Furthermore, by saving cost on rent and maintenance, your company gains more financial freedom. Flexibility is one major perk of NYC coworking spaces that can help manage your day-to-day business processes.

Professional Environment For Client Meetings

In addition, NYC coworking spaces also offer your employees a professional environment for client meetings.  A coworking space can help you manage your business when working from home. For example, it can be awkward and distracting to conduct a meeting from home. Often, small office spaces do not have the ideal privacy space. On the other hand, coworking settings offer comfortable professionalism and different discussion spaces. This can reduce the distractions that would come with a home meeting process. In some cases, this can make it more likely for clients to hire your business. Overall, NYC coworking spaces offer a professional environment for client meetings that can streamline business communications processes in your company.

There are several developed features that coworking spaces NYC can offer your business. For example, technology access can improve internet access while cutting business costs. Refreshment amenities can help improve day-to-day employee productivity by saving employee break time. Shared and private spaces offer unique efficient solutions for collaboration and individual work. Moreover, New York City coworking spaces can accommodate ever-changing business environments and schedules. Furthermore, they provide a professional environment for client meetings. Consider these advanced features top coworking spaces NYC can offer your employees to improve your business processes.

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