Top Part-Time Jobs For Retired People With No Experience

There are various top part-time jobs for retired people with no experience. According to Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, 55% of American workers plan to work during retirement, 41% of them choosing part-time jobs. Most retirees continue to work for the additional income, to maintain social connections and to stay active. As a retiree, there are a large variety of jobs that can occupy your time and add to your retirement fund. Here are the top part-time jobs for retired people with no experience.

Travel Coordinator

A popular part-time job for retirees with no experience is a travel coordinator. Book individual or group trips with requested specialties. Organize a person’s vacation or business trip including flights, hotels, cruises and all other travel amenities. Typically, you get to work from home and decide your work hours. You will earn about $20 an hour while gaining travel opportunities and discounts. You can also work as an individual travel coordinator at a car rental agency, hotel or airline. Furthermore, you can work in travel security, reservations and food service. However, to become a travel coordinator, you need to join an established agency or get a travel agent’s license from an organization such as the Travel Institute. Certainly, a top part-time job for retired people is a travel coordinator.

Public School Substitute Teacher

Another top part-time job for retired people is a public school substitute teacher. Schools nationwide are looking for substitute teachers as COVID-19 increased teacher retirements. Few states and districts do not require you to have certification as you are not a full time professional educator. Meanwhile, other states require minimal training, a bachelor’s degree or some sort of license. Generally, you are called in on days that teachers can’t make it to school and take over their classroom. Typically, there is coursework left for you to distribute or a film to show the class. You are there to ensure that students are supervised and that they don’t miss a day of learning because their teacher is absent. Furthermore, you can earn about $20 an hour. Of course, being a public school substitute teacher is a popular job for retirees as they are only called in when a teacher can’t make it to work.

Adult Literacy Educator

Additionally, a fun part-time job for retirees is as an adult literacy educator. Assist students with learning and understanding essential skills. These skills include reading, writing and speaking English. Additionally, you can help individuals obtain their high school equivalency diploma, GED, or study for the perfect business graduate programs. Typically, you will teach in a community college or public school. Depending on your schedule, you can hold classes in the morning or evening. Furthermore, you can earn up to $26 an hour. Certainly, becoming a part-time adult literacy teacher as a retiree can give you a sense of purpose by helping others learn basic everyday skills.

Floral Arranger

Of course, another popular part-time job for retired people is a floral arranger. You will pick and cut flowers for a beautiful floral display. Additionally, you will create beautiful floral arrangements through color, design embellishments and flower lengths. These arrangements are popular for parties, gifts, weddings, and events. More so, you will need a strong structure support so the flowers make it safely to their destination and remain intact. Typically, you need a knowledge of plants, flowers, and creative abilities. Furthermore, you can earn up to $21 an hour. Certainly, a top part-time job for retirees is a floral arranger.

Business Consultant

Finally, a top part-time job for retired people is company business consulting. Depending on the job you had before you retired, you can educate others in your related field. You can expose business workers to your skills, expertise and knowledge to help them thrive. Companies are hiring consultants to help their employees through specific issues or assist them during transitions. For example, if you have outstanding CEO experience, you can be hired to aid an employee who was promoted to CEO. You will explain what you know and what seemed to work best to give them the opportunity to succeed in their new position. Certainly, provide your skills and prior work experiences to be considered for the job. If you have the skills and education they are looking for, you can earn up to $35 hour. Definitely consider becoming a business consultant as a part-time job if you are a retiree.

There are several best part-time jobs for retired people with no experience. A travel coordinator gets to help book people’s trips while earning a paycheck and getting travel opportunities. Becoming a public school substitute teacher is popular for retirees as they are called in to supervise classes when teachers cannot make it to work. Certainly become an adult literacy educator as a retiree to help others gain basic everyday skills. Additionally, retirees can become floral arrangers to make beautiful arrangements for holidays, weddings and parties. Finally, you can become a business consultant to help others in your prior field of work thrive. These are the various top part-time jobs for retired people with no experience.

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