A Guide To The Different Types Of HR Certification Programs

The field of human resources has numerous types of HR certification programs for professionals to build their resumes. These programs enable professionals to improve their abilities as well as their appeal to employers. As a hopeful human resources manager, it is important that you know what certifications to take advantage of in order to stand out among other applicants. While there are many certifications available for HR professionals, we have selected a few of the most common ones to highlight. Keep reading for a guide to the different types of HR certification programs.


The Society of Human Resource Management has two types of HR certification programs. The most common is the certified professional program, also known as the SHRM-CP. The purpose of a certified professional in HR is to serve as a contact person for employees as well as company clients and shareholders. To earn this certification, you must first have a bachelor’s degree and at least one year of experience in the human resources field. A great way to gain useful experience is to get involved in human resource management. A graduate degree in HR can substitute for experience. If you meet this requirement, find an SHRM-CP program and apply to take the exam. Expect to pay an application fee and exam fee. This fee varies depending on the institution you apply through. Of all the types of HR certification programs, SHRM-CP is the most common.


The second of the types of HR certifications offered by the SHRM is the Senior Certified Professional program. In addition to the education requirements of the CP, the SCP requires you have 3-7 years of experience in the field. An SCP is expected to develop strategies for HR and lead HR departments. The exam for earning a senior title is more difficult, of course. As an SCP candidate, prepare yourself for a 150 question test that covers the SHRM’s new Body of Competency and Knowledge guideline in its entirety. If you are already a member of the SHRM, the exam will cost you $300. For non-members, the fee is $400. For more experienced HR professionals, the SHRM-SCP is one of the best types of HR certification programs.


Furthermore, professionals working across borders should consider a Global Professional in HR program as one of the types of HR certifications. These credentials are for HR professionals whose company serves the global market. A GPHR is expected to demonstrate knowledge of multinational duties such as globalized strategy development and organized global growth. Candidates are required to have a minimum of four years professional experience in global HR services as well as a high school diploma. A higher level of education can serve as a substitute for experience, so long as that education is in the field of HR. For those interested in working for a global company, a GPHR is the best of the types of HR certification programs.


Additionally, another one of the types of HR certification programs to know about is the Professional in Human Resources certification. This certification focuses on the implementation of programs, operations, and strategies. With this certification, you can offer HR for startups tips and management advice to human resources teams. PHR certification holders typically answer to another HR professional, usually an HR director. The minimum requirements for this program are a high school diploma and at least four years of professional HR experience. The higher your level of education, the less professional experience is needed. This test has higher total costs between the application and exam fees. For HR professionals who will not be in charge, PHR credential initiatives are great types of HR certification programs


For more seasoned HR professionals, a Senior Professional in Human Resources program is one of the types of HR certification programs to consider. These programs are designed for HR professionals who wish to be accountable for the entire department. Like the lower-level PHR certification, senior PHR credentials have a minimum requirement of a high school diploma. However, the minimum professional experience needed is seven years. This test is of course more expensive than the PHR exam, tying with the GPHR certification as the most costly. Though the credentials are expensive, they are still one of the best types of HR certification programs for professionals, especially if they intend to lead.

Hopeful human resource professionals need to take advantage of the types of HR certification programs. If you do, you will get an edge over other applicants. The various certifications set prospects up to deal with HR compliance issues and other problems effectively. The Society of Human Resource Management offers two certifications, the certified professional and the senior certified professional. For individuals looking to work for a global company, the GPHR certification is the smartest choice. Finally, the Professional in HR and Senior PHR certifications both provide individuals with excellent credentials. These credentials make them stand out during the job hunt. If you are looking into furthering your career in human resource, follow this guide to the different types of HR certification programs.

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