5 Types Of Patent Searches To Conduct For Optimal Protection

In order for entrepreneurs to protect their inventions, they need to obtain patents. Those who do not patent their products fail to live up to the successes of the most inspirational business innovators. Those who want to reach a high level of success, need to patent their products. Unfortunately, the process of applying for a patent can be a lengthy one, especially if done well. To ensure total protection, entrepreneurs need to conduct various patent searches. As an entrepreneur, you may not be familiar with the different kinds of patent searches available. If this is the case, read on and discover the best types of patent searches to conduct for optimal protection.

State Of The Art Search

One of the most popular types of patent searches is the state of the art search. Conduct this search early on in your patent-obtaining ventures. This type of search provides entrepreneurs with insight into specific areas of technology. When you conduct this search, you will see the technological areas that have high patenting activity as well as those with lower activity. Use this information to determine the commercial value of research. Many entrepreneurs discover that they can obtain optimal protection through a less specific patent.

Freedom To Operate Search

Entrepreneurs also administer Freedom to Operate (FTO) Searches to gain invention protection. With these patent searches, entrepreneurs discover whether they can avoid infringement issues. FTO searches provide information on the manufacturing and selling processes. You can find out if you can manufacture and/or sell your products without infringing other companies’ intellectual property rights. Since businesses only yield profits when they can sell products, this type of patent search is crucial for success.

Advanced Patent Search

Consider running an advanced patent search to achieve your protection goals as well. Google provides entrepreneurs with an advanced patent search option that includes a series of classifications. These classifications include current U.S. classification, international classification and cooperative classification. By combining all of these classifications together, you gain a clearer idea of how to protect your invention. Furthermore, you learn how to do so on a global level. This is true even if you are planning on starting an Etsy shop to kick off your entrepreneurial ventures. When your company grows, you can conduct business overseas without running into legal trouble. For this reason, this is one of the best types of patent searches to run.

“Rush” Search

Another patent search worth conducting is a “rush” search. This search is particularly useful for entrepreneurs who want to expedite the process. If you fear that another company may be planning to patent your invention or one that is similar to it, you need to act fast. Unfortunately, patent searches can take a long time. To prevent losing out on your entrepreneurial opportunity, request a “rush” search. However, keep in mind that this type of search comes at an additional cost. Learn how to manage your money before making a decision. If you have room in your startup budget to pay for faster results, this is one of the best kinds of patent searches for you.

Validity Or Invalidity Search

Additionally, entrepreneurs advance with Validity or Invalidity Searches. Upon conducting this type of patent search, you will discover references that can inquire about the validity of your patent. More so, you can determine whether your patent would remain strong through such questioning. If you find out that your patent has a weak defense, you can develop strategies to improve it. Therefore, Validity or Invalidity Searches assist entrepreneurs in negotiating on behalf of their businesses. This is one of the best types of patent searches because they prepare you for attacks.

To effectively protect your inventions, you need to administer the top patent searches. For instance, entrepreneurs conduct State of the Art Searches at the beginning of their processes. Then, they move onto Freedom to Operate Searches to discover where they stand in infringement issues. Google provides entrepreneurs with an advanced search option that provides insight into global patents. If you need to expedite your patent search, pay the extra fees for a “rush” search. Lastly, run a Validity or Invalidity Search to learn how well your patent would fight a validity attack. Consider these top types of patent searches to protect your inventions successfully.

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