5 Virtual Collaboration Tools To Manage Teams Across The Country

Virtual collaboration tools are of paramount importance to professionals managing remote teams. These tools allow managers to stay in constant contact with their team and delegate responsibilities. As the manager of a remote team, you need to know about these collaboration tools to ensure that your employees are all on the same page. Without these tools, it would be easy for your team to miss deadlines or encounter issues caused by miscommunication. Keep reading to learn about different virtual collaboration tools to manage teams across the country.

Communication Tools

One of the greatest ways to utilize virtual collaboration tools to manage your cross-country team is communication. The right team communication tools negate the effects of long-distance working by creating a sense of togetherness. Additionally, this tool gives team members an effective way to relay urgent information quickly to everyone involved in the project. Many collaborative communication tools offer a chat feature similar to instant messaging so team members can stay in constant contact, regardless of distance. For project managers, communication devices are key virtual collaboration tools to ensure your teammates are all on the same page.

Scheduling Assistance

Additionally, scheduling assistance is a crucial virtual collaboration tool for managing your remote team. Teams that are spread out across the country require a set schedule in order to effectively collaborate with others. They also need them to make the most of their working time. Scheduling assistance allows you to create a routine for your team members. In turn, that reduces stress and anxiety that comes from poor time management. Use scheduling assistance to set deadlines and plan weekly conference calls. At the same time, use the top time management strategies to increase productivity. The top scheduling assistance tool provides your employees with a clear routine and reduces the isolation associated with remote work. One of the best virtual collaboration tools is scheduling assistance because it allows for clear time management.

Task Managers

Virtual collaboration tools such as task managers allow you to delegate responsibilities to your team without micromanaging. If your team has a lot of projects to get done, it is important that you prioritize tasks for your employees. Without the structure offered by task managers, it is difficult for your team to know what requires attention and when. Use task managers to assign duties and set deadlines every step of the way. This ensures projects are being completed in a timely manner. Remote teams need to utilize virtual collaboration tools like task managers to delegate responsibilities and create clear deadlines for team members.

Project Organizers

One of the best virtual collaboration tools to manage teams across the country are project organizers. Similar to task managers, these tools allow you to issue responsibilities to team members as well as set deadlines. However, project organizer tools take a more macro approach to collaboration. If your team has multiple projects that they are working on simultaneously, it is crucial that you have a management tool that organizes files and related information for each one. Without project organizers, it can be easy to misplace documents or fail to meet deadlines. For team managers looking for virtual collaboration tools, project organizers are a must-have.

Merit Systems

Finally, virtual collaboration tools like merit systems allow you to reward team members for their hard work in spite of the difficulties that come with remote work. A meritocracy shows your employees that you recognize their efforts and stimulates quality work. The system does not need to include physical rewards. Recognition is often more than sufficient for employees. Use merit systems to acknowledge team members who go above and beyond. This system keeps employees motivated and allows you to see who can handle more responsibilities going forward. As far as virtual collaboration tools go, merit systems are great for promoting hard work and rewarding employees based on their skills.

For project managers supervising remote teams, virtual collaboration tools are critical to success. Communication tools allow your team to stay in constant contact with each other in the event emergencies or questions arise. Use scheduling assistance to create a routine for your team and reduce stress. Task managers and project organizers enable you to delegate duties as well as set deadlines for every job you oversee. Finally, using a meritocracy tool promotes hard work and gives you the chance to acknowledge your employees’ efforts. Use this guide as you look for virtual collaboration tools to manage teams across the country.

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