4 Ways To Make Your Business More Sustainable

These days, green business practice is the phrase on everyone’s lips. While this new mode of socially conscious business might seem foreign and intimidating to some, the fact is that many sustainable practices couple environmental concern with saving money. Here are some of the best ways to reduce your energy use while also helping your bottom line.


One popular way to save on carbon footprint is to reduce transportation and energy usage by letting your employees in appropriate positions work from home. Telecommuting helps keep morale high by letting your employees get their duties done in a pleasant environment that they themselves can control. With a good teleconferencing solution, they can easily communicate with each other too. The lack of a commute greatly reduces the amount of carbon blasted into the environment by the transportation process, and less bodies in the office is less energy and money spent keeping the temperature level and the lights on. You can even reduce the amount of office space you are using this way.

Paperless Office

Every year, tons of paper waste goes into landfills, and not all of it can easily decompose. Moreover, the paper production process often leaves a lot to be desired, in terms of environmental impact. If you rework your office policies to discourage employees from printing out e-mails and other documents, you can make sure that your paper use stays within reasonable bounds. If you want to turbocharge your paperless office, you can consider picking up some company phones and tablets to give your workers easy access to their e-mail accounts and company files on the go without requiring a printout or a laptop.

Infrastructure Investment

If your company is still using equipment from decades past, odds are that your power bills are much higher than they could be. This goes for not only your obvious business equipment, but also for your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system and other large appliances as well. Making an investment in your business’s equipment is a great way to simultaneously improve efficiency and decrease energy usage. If you are not sure you have enough capital on hand to fund these improvements, you can consider a small business line of credit to help make it happen.

Watch the Thermostat

Keeping the inside temperate is one of the great causes of spiking energy usage in the modern world, especially in the extreme seasons of summer and winter. Keeping things hot or cool can cost a bundle and burn through the energy, but employees expect to be comfortable in the working environment. One way to solve this issue is with a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts the HVAC based on current conditions inside and outside. You can even adjust the temperature on most smart thermostats remotely through your smartphone.

Running a greener company pays dividends both moral and fiscal, letting you sleep better at night while also improving the world. Whether you are an environmental pioneer or just someone looking to save money while helping out in small ways, sustainable business practice is a quintessential example of a win-win.

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