What Are Bitcoins? Cyrptocurrency Investment Guide

Bitcoins are an especially hot topic in technology and investing, particularly since news broke of the latest massive-scale ransomware making its way around the globe. The hackers responsible for the ransomware requested payment solely in the form of bitcoin. But what does this mean for investors like yourself? What are bitcoins? Why should you care? Keep reading below to learn all about bitcoins as an investment opportunity, and why you should seriously consider investing in bitcoin.

What Are Bitcoins?

What are bitcoins? Bitcoin is a form of electronic currency, sometimes referred to as cyptocurrency. Bitcoins are public, or open source, digital money. They are referred to as open-source because they are available to everyone and managed by the actual currency holders, unlike strangle options. In reality, bitcoins are really just electricity converted into long strings of code that have a monetary value.

Who Polices Bitcoin Currency?

After learning what bitcoins are, surely you are concerned about who regulates bitcoin currency and rightly so. Any novice investor is wise enough to know that unregulated currency will quickly crash. Bitcoin are regulated and policed by the actual currency users. Bitcoin users, called Bitcoin miners, are tasked with policing the open-source digital currency. This is done using a digital Bitcoin ledger, which lists every bitcoin transaction made. Fortunately, these miners make Bitcoin a much safer investment option than one would assume.

How Much Are Bitcoins Worth?

If you have not already heard, the Bitcoin market is incredibly volatile. However, at the current time, a single Bitcoin is worth about $1,750. This is much more than it was just a year ago, when a single Bitcoin was worth roughly $436. It is also more than it was worth just two months ago, when a Bitcoin was worth about $1,000. Clearly, Bitcoin investments are going to be risky. However, this high risk also presents the opportunity for a high return, just like Infosys stock. Keep this in mind when considering investing in Bitcoin.

Rapid Adoption

One of the most encouraging aspects of Bitcoin as an investment opportunity is the currency’s rapid adoption around the world. This digital currency has been in the news constantly since its inception. It has now progressed past being used for solely nefarious purposes. You can now use the digital money to pay for LA Kings tickets. You can also use bitcoin to pay on Overstock.com. Clearly, this rapid adoption indicates that Bitcoin is only going to get more popular. This makes it, quite possibly, a very lucrative investment opportunity.

Long-Term Investment

Presently, Bitcoin has reached about $19 billion in market value. This is a much more impressive performance than was evidenced during the so-called “Bitcoin bubble” in 2014. Bitcoin valuation has skyrocketed from just $14 to over $1,700 since its inception. This has clearly presented long-term gains to current Bitcoin investors, similar to Iron Mountain Stock. These long term gains are not without volatility. However, they still present excellent reasoning as to why you should invest in Bitcoin.

If you are an investor trying to figure out whether or not to invest in Bitcoin, allow this post to inform your decision. Once you have learned the answer to your initial question, “what are bitcoins?”, you are sure to want to consider investing in the digital currency. There are important considerations to keep in mind when deciding on a Bitcoin investment. However, the opportunity presents a chance for a sound long-term investment that offers big gains. Keep this in mind and let us know whether you plan to invest in Bitcoin or not below!

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