What Is Marketing? A Comprehensive Guide For Small Business Owners


Marketing comes in all forms and sizes. In previous times, marketing was used through advertising on stones and walls. In present day, marketing occurs everywhere and all the time. It occurs when you see the advertisements on posters as you drive down the street or logos reflected on the water bottle sitting on your desk. Because marketing is truly everywhere, running a business and using marketing strategies has never been easier.

What Is Marketing?

First off, what is marketing? There is much debate about the actual definition of the word. However, most experts agree that marketing is not just the traditional marketing techniques that most business owners think of. Marketing is everything that a business does. Marketing generates sales leads, but it also implements effective customer retention strategies. The whole business is marketing, as it is visible to customers. Marketing should permeate every area of your organization. If you want to understand marketing, just know that it is all about the customer, and every area of your business should be designed with the customer in mind. Therefore, marketing is every aspect of business.

What Is Successful Marketing?

Successful marketing, however, is different from delivering a message. In order to stand out as a businessman or corporation head, a person needs to be able to deliver their messages clearly and in an exciting fashion. Given that marketing reflects itself in the pants everyone wears to the sodas they drink, having an exclusive message makes a vast difference overall. If the message does not stand out in an exciting way, the message will be lost in the sea of information overload.

Where Marketing Works Best

Marketing videos through the internet and television commercials are bound to be the most successful ways to go. Most people own televisions and computers in their home. Therefore, you are sure to expose your marketing to them when they surf the web or watch their favorite T.V shows.

New Channels of Marketing Products

Apart from marketing through the web and television commercials, product placement has proven to be a successful form of marketing, too. Targeting the most viewed shows, such as House, Breaking Bad, and Supernatural can persuade the viewers to purchase a product. Being able to promote a brand in a T.V show in a light manner, though, is imperative. By showing a product ten times a minute during the T.V series, corporations may actually obtain the opposite result and push the consumers away from their products out of annoyance. On the other hand, if a person sees a logo in their T.V show and goes shopping later, they might recall their previous urge to consume the product and not associate it with product placement at all.

Marketing Through Corporate Social Impact

Another effective form of marketing relates to associating the product with a good cause. If a corporation such as Coca Cola was to donate a large quantity of their profit to scientific research, global warming, or any humanitarian cause, people would most likely continue to purchase the product afterwards because of their admiration. If the company, in this case Coca Cola, shows they care about society beyond their own profits, they create loyalty with the customers. Through this content marketing strategy, the company would actually gain profit in the long term, because their donations were used as an investment as well as to help people.

In the end, there are thousands of ways to exercise marketing and public relations. In every logo there is a message. In every commercial there is a purpose. The success rate for a small business or a large corporation comes from how they plan to deliver their messages. If these messages are unique, then the company is bound to stand out and succeed over others.

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