Top Accounting Degree Programs To Land A Career In Finance Easily


There are several career opportunities for those with accounting degrees. Maybe you are looking for a career change or wondering whether an additional degree is worth the time and money. Either way, there are many jobs that you can get with an accounting degree. This article will highlight a few career benefits for those with this degree and the many jobs you can get.

Demand For Accountants

The first question you should be asking is if there are accountant jobs in demand by employers. Secondly, you should be thinking about future economic conditions for accountants. As it turns out, the Labor Bureau of Statistics projects the job outlook for accountants to rise consistently over the next 5 years. And, you can rest assured that the government and companies will continue to argue of taxation. So, accountants are sure to be needed long term too.

Variety of Industries

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in accounting and passing the certification exam, you will be able to work as a CPA in a variety of different industries. This is a great advantage to a degree in Accounting that similar degrees may not offer. You may be able to work as an accountant in the entertainment sector or fashion industry if that is something you’re interested in. Or, if you are interested in technology or medicine, there are accounting positions in those fields as well. With an accounting degree, you will be able to pick a sector that appeals to your personal interests beyond accounting.

Small Businesses Or Large Corporations

You may worry that deciding on one sector in which you’d like to use your accounting degree is limiting, but that is only the first decision of many you will be able to make. Maybe you have decided to look for work strictly in the technology field, you are still able to choose from a variety of small business and large corporations. You can then decide what you value most in a workplace. Does a close-knit office environment appeal to you? Then looking for accounting jobs within small businesses may be your best choice. Or, do you rather the stability and benefits provided by a large corporation in the big four accounting companies? In either case, you’re accounting degree prepares you to succeed in both environments.

Potential Accounting Job Positions

After you have answered these questions for yourself and decided what type of career you are looking for, there are many different job titles that a degree in Accounting will qualify you for. Some of these titles are payroll manager, auditor, chief financial officer, and financial analyst, but these are just the beginning. It is important to decide what you value in a career and then you can begin to narrow your search to a specific job title and area like jobs in Boston or anywhere else. Alternatively, you can start off with a simpler job position and work your way up within an accounting department or firm. Certainly, there are plenty of options.

Top Accounting Degree Programs

If you are considering pursuing an accounting degree, it is important to try to get into the best accounting program you can. This way, you do not just learn simple concepts like common investment definitions. There are some schools that are known to have the best undergraduate accounting degree programs. If you have the qualifications to apply, consider these three. First, the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas is an excellent program. Another top accounting school is the College of Business at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Finally, another option with a top accounting program is the Marriot School at Brigham Young University. These three schools offer some of the best accounting programs in the United States, so consider attending them if you are able. A degree from one of them will have accounting firms chasing you, instead of the other way around.

You have a large variety of choices when you obtain a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. An accounting degree affords you the luxury to work for small business and large corporations in any industry that suits your desires and interests. This benefit is invaluable in today’s society where unemployment is a real fear for many Americans. At the minimum, you will have a strong understanding of free accounting software too. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting, you will not have to worry about a lack of job options, eventually getting the job that suits you best.

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