Where to List Rental Properties Online For Free

There are many places to list rental properties online for free. The National Apartment Association states a 51% turnover rate in rental properties. As a result, landlords often try to fill their vacancies as quickly as possible to minimize their losses. By listing and advertising their rental properties online, landlords significantly increase their exposure to prospective tenants. As a landlord/property manager, minimize losses and vacancies in your properties by listing them online for free. Read on to discover where to list rental properties online for free.

Social Media

Social media is one free way to get content in front of many eyes. Several social media platforms have additional marketplace functionalities for commercial purposes. Using these functions, you can provide detailed visualizations of your property, such as 360-degree photos. Additionally, social media allows you to foster connections with your neighborhoods. Reaching out to other interested parties via your own social media pages and connections also provides your properties additional exposure. Remember to determine property value before you create your listing. Surely, social media provides a platform for fostering connections between neighborhoods and groups.

Your Own Website

If you have a domain and website of your own, its a great place to advertise. In fact, you should always be listing rental properties on your own website(s) before anywhere else. Maximize the traffic potential of your website by keeping it updated. Ideally, it should be mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and easy to update on the backend. These aspects combine to heighten the quality of your website. The higher-quality your website, the higher it’ll appear in search results, therefore engaging more traffic. Absolutely, listing properties on your own website organically engages traffic that’s already predetermined to your content.

Email Lists

Creating and utilizing email lists of potential tenants is an additional free method of listing rental properties. There are several ways to acquire email addresses, such as providing robust content on your own website, writing educational articles for your local REIA, or hosting community events and presentations. Additionally, market to current tenants as well. They may be looking to upgrade or have an applicant to refer. When crafting your message, use email subject line best practices to increase your open rates. Certainly, email lists are an efficient place to list your rental properties to many people at once.

Aggregate Rental Managers

There are many rental management platforms, and a few aggregate the rest. Listing on one of these aggregate platforms is an incredibly efficient method because their listings are pushed to several other platforms as well. In fact, some of the more well-known aggregates push listings to over 20 additional websites and platforms. Additionally, many of these aggregate platforms are simple and easy to use, so they’re often the first place renters look for new places. Definitely, aggregate rental managers provide simplicity and efficiency by getting your listings in front of many eyes on many sites.

High-Traffic Rental Managers

There are many more rental management platforms with absurdly high levels of traffic. For instance, one with a very basic domain enjoys the visitation of 35 million prospective renters a month. As a result, they advertise over 1.1 million listings. Therefore, high-traffic rental platforms provide maximum efficiency in getting your luxury home rental listings in front of large amounts of traffic. Additionally, many of these platforms allow quick listing capabilities at free base subscription levels, but paying a small cost gets your listings higher up in the search results. Of course, high-traffic rental management platforms maximize the efficiency of your rental listings.

There is a myriad of places to list your rental properties online for free. One such place is social media, which provides a platform for strengthening connections in your neighborhoods. Another is on your own domains and websites, which should already be capturing predetermined traffic. Creating an email list to send listings to allows you to advertise the listings in a time-efficient manner. Aggregate rental management platforms push your listings to several additional rental managers. Finally, high-traffic rental managers maximize the traffic potential of your listings. When searching for places to list rental properties online for free, consider the places described above.

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