How Win Loss Analysis Helps First Time Day Traders Develop Strategy

Win loss analysis is a useful tool for creating day trading strategies. Investors need to know how their trades are performing in order to make investment decisions in the future. If you are a beginner trader, you need to know about how to use the win loss formula to help you calculate your win loss ratio. It will benefit your day trading tactics in a number of ways, whether you want to get started in Forex trading or some other market. Learn all about win loss analysis and how it affects first time day trading beginners like you below.

What Is The Win Loss Ratio?

The win loss ratio is the number given to represent the day trading investor’s odds at success. Win loss analysis results above one are the desirable win loss ratios. That means the day trader has experienced a success rate of fifty percent or more. Clearly, this number should be an important factor for future investing decisions if you are a new day trader.

Helps Determine Risk/Reward

The real reason day traders utilize win loss analysis strategies is to be able to determine investment risk to reward ratios. A reward to risk ratio is the insight day traders use to determine whether or not an opportunity is a good investment. This is absolutely crucial for beginner day traders who are just starting to get a hang on making trade decisions that produce returns. It allows you to make informed day trading decisions that put money in your pocket.


When using win loss analysis to determine trading profit loss ratio, the tried-and-true trading advice is to shoot for 2:1. That would mean that you would not consider any trades that did not offer a one-hundred dollar cap for every two-hundred dollars invested. Recently, some day trading experts have emphasized that that this is not the only strategy. But, they concede that it is still a good rule of thumb to keep in mind when you are just starting to day trade.  You definitely want to keep this in mind as a first year day trader.


Although you may not want to use the day trading advice mentioned above, you should definitely still have a risk reward ratio strategy. This is the important thing to take away from your new understanding of win loss analysis in day trading. A profit versus loss ratio plan will help you limit your day trading losses and maximize your trading wins. You can devise your own trading strategies regarding profit loss ratios. But, be sure to consider the rule mentioned above as a guideline. Devising a win loss analysis plan is the best way to become a successful day trader.

Ranging VS. Trending

Ranging strategies and trending strategies are the two options day trading beginners have to consider. You need to determine which of these strategies will be appropriate to help you create a profit loss ratio plan for day trading. Ranging markets require entirely different trading techniques than trending markets or emerging markets do. You want to figure out whether you are trading in a trending market or trading in a ranging market. Otherwise, even the best laid win loss ratio strategy will be ineffective.

Understanding how profit loss margins influence day trading decisions is crucial if you are just learning how to day trade for the first time ever. Being a beginner trader gives you the opportunity to make the best trading decisions based on win loss analysis. This way, you can avoid the common mistakes beginner day traders make. Use this post as a win loss analysis guide to help you become a successful day trading expert in no time at all so that you can begin to focus your attention on flipping houses as real estate investments to differentiate your portfolio.

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