4 Work At Home Businesses That You Can Start Yourself

You’ve probably heard by now that more Americans than ever are working from home. In a study, experts found that nearly 70% of employees work remotely at least once a week. Clearly, the nature of work is changing, fast.

It’s changing even more radically for self-employed Americans. If you’re thinking about starting your own business right now, there’s a good chance you’re not looking for a dedicated office space — because you know full well that you can work from the comfort of your own home.

The trick, as always, is striking the right balance between your professional life and all the personal obligations you can’t (nor want to) avoid. When your daily “commute” is a five-second journey across the hall, finding that balance is even tougher.

Happily, some work-at-home business opportunities let you have it all — at the same time. Which of these four home-based businesses align best with your skills and expertise?

Professional Organizing

Are you an organized person by nature? You might be a good fit as an independent professional organizer — someone who makes a living bringing the joy of personal organization to others.

According to organizing experts, the professional organizing community is growing rapidly thanks to shows like “Hoarders”, and further expansion is expected in the years ahead. Most organizers work regular business hours, leaving plenty of time for family life.

Fundraising Distribution

If you enjoy raising funds for causes you care about and have an entrepreneurial spirit, a fundraising distribution career might be right for you. According to fundraising experts at ABC Fundraising, distributors can earn thousands per month working from a home office. And fundraising is a family-friendly activity: there’s nothing quite like tabling with your kids for a good cause. You can have an entire business that would help organizations raise funds while you make a profit for coordinating their activities.

K-12 and Post-Secondary Tutoring

Got a knack for simplifying complex concepts? Blessed with ample reserves of patience and at least some subject matter expertise? Then you’re probably cut out for tutoring kids, young adults, and lifelong learners.

The side gig idea that most tutors work part-time is seriously outmoded. Many thousands of tutors make a full-time living with private clients, and some even scale up to manage multiple tutors underneath them. The choice is yours — and, thanks to the magic of broadband Internet, it’s all possible from the comfort of a home office during regular business hours.

Graphic Design

Demand for quality graphic design is virtually endless, and it’s likely to increase further as digital marketing grows more sophisticated and integral. If you have a knack for visual media and you’re willing to learn your way around design suites, this 9-to-5 gig is eminently scalable.

Ready to Start Your Very Own Home-Based Business?

Don’t let anyone tell you how, when, or why to start your home-based business. Only you can know for sure when you’re ready to strike out on your own and embrace the very real uncertainty that comes with being your own boss.

If you’re not quite ready to take the leap, don’t force the issue. Your home based business idea will be waiting for you when you finally decide the moment is right. In the meantime, take steps to prepare financially for self-employment and work on burnishing your contacts list — you never know when it’ll come in handy.

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