Wholesale Yellow Box Footwear Takes Retail Stores To The Next Level


As a website that analyzes easy business ideas, business industries and other profitable opportunities, this is unique business for those of you looking to be wholesalers in the shoe industry. If it is the “right fit” for your business, possibly an existing shoe retail store or shoe vendor, or you are considering buying small business retail locations in the future, buying Yellow Box flip flops at wholesale prices could prove to be a very profitable business. The details of this wholesale shoe business could surprise you.

High Demand

At the moment, Yellow Box flip flops are in high demand by young fashionable people in the United States. They present themselves as a contemporary brand dedicated to fashion customers. Their main markets are girls and women.

High Cost

But, here is the surprising part. Although flip-flops, or sandals, a lowering cost to manufacture, the Yellow Box brand is actually pulling higher pricing that rivals low end shoes. To be more specific, some of their fashionable footwear sell for $120 a pair! (That is why you definitely want to have credit card processors for retail if you plan on stocking these premium sandals!)

For anyone in the footwear industry, this is considered premium pricing. However, what is more exciting is that people are really willing to pay the price. Obviously, savvy business men and women would like the opportunity to get into this market if they can. But, they might face competition from retailers who might already be short on stock.


The profitability of this wholesale business depends entirely on Yellow Box’s pricing, inventory and warehouse organization. Although the end pricing is opportunistic, they must make the wholesale price is compelling enough for retailers to want to carry the product and sell it more than the competing fashion flip flop brands. So far, it looks like they are doing a good job.

Buying Wholesale

To buy Yellow Box flip flops wholesale from the company, you have to inquire via their website. There there is no guarantee that they will accept you into their partners list. Also, they do not have any details of the type of partners they are looking for, including buying requirements, sales volumes or potential payment contracts. But by doing a quick search on Alibaba or Aliexpress, you can get an idea of the wholesale prices for fashionable flip-flops that are probably a bit cheaper in comparison.

Target Demographic

Be sure you consider your business’s target demographic when deciding whether or not to buy Yellow Box wholesale products. Yellow Box shoes are all about comfort without sacrificing quality. If you have a young audience, Yellow Box footwear may not be the best shoe brand to stock in your store. Gen X-ers do not care about comfort in the least. However, if you serve an older, but fashionable, audience, Yellow Box sandals and jewelry could be a great addition to your retail store. Consider your own target audience. In fact, you may even want to do some marketing research to determine if your clientele would consider buying their products. Yellow Box products may not be the right fit for everyone.

Discount Yellow Box Sandals

If you really want to supply Yellowbox shoes at your store, it may be worthwhile to check out all the discount options available on the web. Whether you search Amazon, DSW, Overstock or elsewhere, there are plenty of places to find discount sandals. This also serves as a reminder to those who do not want to buy the shoes, but want to learn from their business. If you own a clothing manufacturing business or  similar learn from the professionals. Yellowbox sells every pair of shoes they can, even the defected or out of season styles. These shoes are still priced over cost, meaning you can still make money. So take advantage of the lesson Yellowbox and other luxury brands offer you – sell all of your product, even if it is damaged or out of season. People will still buy it, as long as they feel like they are getting a deal.

Remember, sometimes paying a bit of a premium price is worth the additional demand. When you have something that you know will sell, you are more confident about investing in inventory and actually selling the product. Whether you are an online store, local vendor or retail flip flop wholesale buyer, you always want to be ready with exactly what customers want, even if it means a little extra cash upfront.

Image from http://www.icsc.org/sct/newswire/yellow-box-steps-into-its-first-retail-store

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