Top Employee Monitoring Software To Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs

Employee monitoring software is an effective tool to enhance employee performance within a business. It offers the ability to track employee activity throughout working hours. Additionally, with the help of software, employers can monitor whether employees are misusing company resources or data. This enables them to secure the intellectual property of the business and protect the company’s competitive advantage.

More companies are turning to remote employment to increase productivity, reduce costs and motivate workers. Employee monitoring software makes it possible to remotely observe the amount of time employees are devoting to work. However, with so many choices, it is quite difficult to select the best employee monitoring software for your specific business needs. In this post, the top five employee monitoring software have been listed to make your decision easier.


Launched first in 2004, Basecamp is still popular among employers who want to track project progression and employee enagagement. This employee monitoring software is ideal for teams working on the same project, helping them cooperate and work in harmony. For increase collaboration, the software combines various tools like messaging, file sharing, setting milestones and making to-do lists. Basecamp lets you assign tasks to employees and track their progress. Furthermore, its time tracking feature shows what employees are working on at any particular point of time. Regardless of what device you are on, the software is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS, including both Android and iOS platforms. Certainly, employers can use the Basecamp 60 days trial version to test out their employe monitoring needs.


This is another software that can be used as a employ monitoring program. It is considered the top Basecamp alternative that offers a range of solutions. WorkZone offers a complete solution for managing projects for teams. This includes features like subtasks, task dependencies and task templates. It always great to have an alternative option when working with your employees.


StaffCop makes monitoring employee activities much easier. While they are working on company’s laptop or PCs, it ensures that the employees are working optimally, without wasting time and adhering to the company’s regulations. StaffCop gives employers the choice of monitoring employees, both with or without their knowledge. It combines an array of excellent employee monitoring features, including control features like blocking and filtering specific websites. By investing in a monitoring software like StaffCop, you will be able to check if your employees are browsing websites unrelated to work and the links they are following. Its keystroke logger helps employers find out whether employees are trading company information or maligning the business’ reputation online. Employers can also keep a tab on the files and documents created, saved or deleted by employees. Surely, StaffCop has a full set of capabilities to monitor employee activity effectively.


Built in 2012, Hubstaff aims to help employers remotely monitor employee activities. Employers can take screenshots of the active screens on the employee’s computer, creating timesheets and exporting excel timesheet reports. Additionally, it tracks keyboard and mouse usage to monitor employees. For full functionality, employees must install the Hubstaff app on their laptops or PCs. Then, employers can use the advanced features online as per their requirements. Since the software is web-based, Hubstaff can be used on different platforms like Linux, Windows and Mac. This employee monitoring software is another great option for employers.

Spector 360

Developed by SpectorSoft, Spector 360 offers incredible employee monitoring features and advanced controlling functions. This cloud based employee monitoring software helps employers monitor employee activities from wherever they are. Employers and payroll manager professionals can monitors employees from their computers or smartphones. Spector 360 shows the keystrokes used by employees, making it easy to track their word searches. When employees try to access the restricted pages, play games or check out job listings, it can raise a instant red flag to employers. Hopefully, your company does not have this problem. However, this monitoring system can help you air on the side of caution.


If you are looking for a simple and user-friendly employee monitoring software, you may consider ActivTrak. It offers all the necessary employee monitoring features. While being invisible to employees, employers easily take screenshots, create reports and block specific websites.  This is all done from an easy to use interface. The software is compatible with PC and Mac systems, adding cross platform functionality. To get a simple employee monitoring program, ActivTrack could be the one for you.

iMonitor EAM

This employee monitoring solution is one of the most powerful out there. With iMonitor, you can improve office security and productivity of up to 1000 workers at a time by monitoring this number of computers. This employee monitoring program can track keystrokes, clipboard activities, document activities, emails, printing, screenshots taken, application usage and time, all in addition to the standard website tracking features. You can also use this program to create reports regarding employee patterns and trends. This program will certainly help to improve employee productivity at your business.

How To Choose

The top employee monitoring solutions detailed above should all be considered using your business’s specific criteria. But, they must also include certain must-have features. You need to consider this when choosing the best employee monitoring tools for your business, just as you would when considering the LogMeIn review. Your management goals and objectives will have a huge bearing on which of these top employee monitoring software is the best fit for your business. But, all software options you consider should still have the must have features that all employee monitoring tools require, like time tracking features and similar. Keep this in mind when choosing between the top five employee monitoring solutions detailed above. It will help you make the best decision for your business.

There are several excellent employee monitoring software in the market that will serve to help you learn how to engage employees for maximum productivity. However, you will have to try them out to compare their special features and tools. Once you have trialed different programs, you can evaluate which employee monitoring works best for your business. Of course, you will have to take cost into account too. But, the features should be the first priority. The cost will be most likely be offset by the increase in employee productivity.

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  1. So I just read through the article and realised that it reviewed 5 different employee monitoring software, but there was no disclosure of the pricing for even one of them. What were these guys thinking? I am a little undermined knowing that if I want to try any one of these apps, I would have to do a reanalysis: visiting every software’s website and looking for the pricing and features in-detail. The read isn’t just too convincing. Employees don’t waste their time on company-provided computers and laptops, they do most of it on their personal devices like cell phone and tablets. None of these aforementioned tools can help me with this. And if try an app (that I had been thinking of getting from sometime), I will be getting smartphone monitoring, but no collaboration features of Basecamp. I think I need them both.

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