How To Engage Employees To Keep Them Focused And Productive


One of the biggest challenges employers face in terms of their employees is finding ways to keep them engaged and productive while in the office. This is where a good employee engagement model is very helpful. In general, many employees are in fact disengaged during office hours, leaving them distracted and unproductive.

Employee engagement can be difficult to cultivate, as there are plenty of reasons aiding in their disengagement, including social media, social or family problems, slow days at work, etc.

However, the less productive an employee is, the more money the company is losing, thus here are 5 ways to keep your employees engaged when in the office:

Recognize The Signs

It can be hard to determine when an employee is distracted by something, but there are certain signs that can lead you in the right direction. For instance, if you notice an employee is increasingly tired or is not as communicative as normal, there is a good chance their mind is not on work. Moreover, if you notice a significant difference in their work performance, such as a drop in clients, mistakes, or complaints, it might be time to intervene.

While some employees might be distracted by mundane issues, if you notice that a once top-performing employee is suddenly struggling, there could be deeper issues. In order to help them be able to separate work and their personal lives, consider looking into ComPsych, a company that specializes in assisting employees with personal matters. Not only have they been awarded numerous accolades, they also have an active social media presence, and are recognized experts in employee engagement and productivity, frequently quoted in the news.

Do Not Treat Them As Costs To Be Cut

Unfortunately, employees who are not performing well are costing the company big time. When an employee is not doing their job, they are stealing both time and money away from the company, which can set the company back. For the benefit of both the employee and the company, the issue needs to be addressed. However, it is absolutely imperative that you do not treat your employees as such. This will, without a doubt, lead to disengaged, unhappy employees every single time. Leave the expense tracking to your financial services department, not management or your human resources department.

Take Time To Get To Know Them

Take time to get to know your employees. This will lead to them becoming more engaged with their work and their workplace in general. When you hire an employee, you hire a person, not a computer. If you do not interact and engage with your employees on a personal level as well as a professional level, your employees will feel like you do not care about them. This creates workplace tension, which leads to disinterested, disengaged employees. Prevent this from ever becoming an issue by engaging with employees on a personal level to let them know you care about them and their lives outside of work.

The Problem

As an employer, it is important to diagnose the problem as best as possible, make sure to include the company as a possibility. Is the leadership in the company slacking? Are the rules too relaxed? Or, vice versa? Is there a communication gap between employees and employer? Answering these questions can help you recognize whether or not the issue is with the company. If so, those problems need to be handled. These corporate event ideas can help you to organize a way to foster the communication necessary to diagnose these issues.

Foster Good Working Relationships

One of the biggest morale boosts for employees is a good working relationship with their co-workers and superiors. Employees want to feel like their work is valued at the company, and if there is a lack of communication or missing information, many employees will feel as if their work does not matter. This can lead to feelings of unimportance, which can lead to poor employee performance.

Respect Them

Employees need to feel respected and appreciated. This is as true in the fast food industry as it is in the financial sector. Without respect, many employees will lose their sense of purpose and their drive to fulfill their duties as an employee. Showing respect to each and every employee can dramatically increase engagement and performance.

To Prevent Disengagement

If you want to know how to engage employees, you have to know how to prevent disengagement. There is one simple habit that can help you to keep your employees happy and engaged, and it has nothing to do with them. It is something only you can do.

  • Show your employees you care.

This is such a simple thing that far too many managers forget the importance of. Employee engagement is at its height when employees feel comfortable and cared for. So, for the best team management, remember to nurture your employees. Pay special attention to their personal career goals and hopes for future opportunities. Then, help them to reach these goals. Your employees will be most engaged when they do not feel confined to their current role. Remember this, and show them you care about their development.

These 5 tips can help keep your employees engaged and productive.

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