5 Consumer Groups To Target With A Marketing Plan Questionnaire

A marketing plan questionnaire can be an incredible way to organize and plan marketing campaigns. A questionnaire gathers highly valuable feedback. Plus, following effective marketing survey tactics helps the response rate. This information can improve your brand appeal, finalize strategic marketing decisions and facilitate connections with the target audience. However, you first need to decide who to target with a survey. As a marketing professional, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the myriad of consumer groups that serve as possible targets for a questionnaire. Read on to discover the consumer groups to target with a marketing plan questionnaire.

Main Target Market

Targeting your main, most important demographics with a marketing plan questionnaire will undoubtedly impact your brand. Getting to know your best customers better will allow you to continue to improve your brand to suit their needs. You can even go deeper with psychographic segmentation details. Example questions can include hobbies, interests, goals, and how consumers spend their free time. Gathering consumer data on these questions familiarizes you with some smaller, niche details your brand can deliver on. Surely, your target market is an incredible consumer group to target with a marketing plan questionnaire.

Retail Consumers

Your retail consumers are another important group to target with a marketing questionnaire. A significant portion of sales occur in the retail space, which includes consumers who may not necessarily be part of your target market. Asking this group will help identify the best distribution channels to get your brand in front of customers who will see and buy it. Questions for this group could include details about packaging, pricing, and where consumers look for your product or service. With data from these questions, you can maximize the number of locations that customers will find your brand in. Therefore, your brand will visible and likely increase sales from retail buyers. Absolutely, retail consumers are another great target for a marketing plan questionnaire.

B2B Consumers

Business to business consumers will also have a significant impact on your brand if they are targeted with a questionnaire. Good examples of questions include the skills their jobs require and their definition of success. Answers to these questions will help you discover who in the company you can market to, who has purchasing power, and who will be the best fit for your brand. For example, if SEO is a required skill, maybe your brand can develop blog posts or PDF’s on SEO in order to appeal to someone who fits the above descriptions. Consumers in the B2B realm are an incredibly profitable group to target with your marketing plan questionnaire.

Brand Ambassadors

Ambassadors for your brand are also a great consumer group to target with a marketing plan questionnaire. Whether they are employed by you or by social media, these consumers can provide valuable insight on the public’s perception of your brand. Ask them questions such as how well your brand communicates its value, how effectively it differentiates itself from competition, and whether brand identity is being used properly. Such questions will allow your brand ambassadors to report data from the public space as if they were members of the public. This way, insights are gained on the public as a whole, not just one section like retail only consumers. Therefore, your brand ambassadors in the public realm are a great consumer group to target with a marketing plan questionnaire.

Competition Consumers

Consumers of your biggest competitors are the final group to target with a marketing questionnaire. Data that identifies direct and indirect competition allows marketers to see where their brand has succeeded and where it has failed. Examples of questions to include are which content is performing well for them or how they are effectively attracting customers. These insights can then be used to tailor your marketing strategies to avoid the same mistakes as well as to build off of their successful ideas. They provide a snapshot of how your competitor has changed recently, and how they will change in the near future. Targeting this group with your marketing plan questionnaire will surely increase brand reach and profits.

Each consumer group eligible for a marketing plan questionnaire will provide a different set of valuable insights for your brand to capitalize on. Your main target market can provide insights on the niche markets within that your brand can focus on. Retail consumers will provide data on how your brand can attract new customers via new retail locations. Business to business consumers can tell you how to sell to businesses who have deeper pockets than individual consumers. Your brand ambassadors can speak on the public’s behalf to give insights on their perception of your brand as a whole. Finally, consumers of your competitors can provide data on your competitors you can use to predict their next moves. Consider targeting one of these consumer groups with your marketing plan questionnaire for increased profits as well as brand reach.

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