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Businesses rely on great managers to reach their goals. In order to fulfill the company’s overall mission, business owners invest in management certifications to improve their management talent, including those that manage their virtual office. Whether they send an existing employee for certification or hire a new with credentials, there are quite a few certifications on the market. Of course, every business has different needs. To see what would be the best fit for you, this post provides many important certifications for management professionals.

Certified Brand Manager

The Brand Management certification is put out by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management, or AIPMM. Becoming a certified brand manager teaches you how to best manage customer relationships. Applicants that are able to prove customer relationship management skills are a great addition to any business team. If you want to hire a well-rounded manager, hire an AIPMM certified brand manager.

Certified Manager Certification

First and foremost, the Certified Manager Certification covers the practice overall. This credential ensures that managers are prepared to manage employees and lead a team successfully. For business owners who are looking for some assurance of management skills, this certification can be a great first step. If you are wondering what to bring to a job interview for a management position, the CM certification is one of the most important.

Project Management Certification

Probably one of the most popular certifications, project management courses teach managers the in’s and out’s of the skill. A manager who has a project management certificate, is capable of managing tasks, milestones, resources and constraints. In almost every business, a knowledgeable project manager can generate large revenues or save on expensive costs. Certainly, business owners should make their PM certified hiring a top priority.

Useful Project Management Certifications

Project management certificates are some of the best to see listed on a resume. They are definitely a better indication of talent than inspiring growth quotes that are sometimes featured on resumes. This form of project management certification shows the individual is an effective manager in all the most important areas. Consider these top project management certification courses that demonstrate a candidate’s capabilities with a credible institution.

  • PMP, project management professional, from The Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • CPM, certified project manager, from The International Association of Project and Program Management (IAPPM)
  • MPM, master project manager, from The American Academy of Project Management (AAPM)

The three certifications listed above are some of the best project management certifications a manager can have listed on their resumes, and even offer courses via free webinar service. The accrediting institutions are highly regarded throughout all industries, so you would be remiss to consider other certifications for project management.

APICS Certified In Production And Inventory Management

Also known as CPIM, this certification can be a great fit for manufacturing businesses. The program covers all the details that go into transforming raw materials into finished products. If you are having production problems, a certified CPIM employee might be able to fix your problems. Moreover, even with a great production process, investing in this program can have a positive impact on your inventory processes too. When it comes to manufacturing, CPIM could be a valuable asset to the company.

ITIL IT Service Management Certifications

Whether your business is in the IT sector or not, every business has to keep up with technology to stay competitive. Fortunately, IT service management programs prepare individuals to manage support services. With an expert to manage delivery of service, up-time, maintenance and upgrades, your business can run smoothly. Especially for non-tech-savvy owners, this certification will give your business the best practices it needs to manage IT competently.

Change Management Certification

Building off of our IT programs, companies are struggling to keep up with rapid changes and succession management. In fast paced industries, your business can become irrelevant if it cannot reinvent itself. With a change management professional on-board, your company will be prepared to change in dynamic market places. For business owners who are looking to grow and innovate, this might be the knowledge your company is missing.

By investing in these management programs, any business can grow significantly. Even for great performing companies, having a manager get certified could payoff many times over, especially in the area of team collaboration. Depending on your needs, the business can find qualified managers with the right skills to fill the gap. Certainly, these management certifications can help your business upgrade management talent wherever needed most.

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  1. The post is very informative and interesting I would love to say these certifications are in demand, In fact, I also done ITIL course before. I would love to suggest you that you should do any course from right institute.

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