7 Free Webinar Service Options To Maximize Meeting Productivity


Webinars are an invaluable tool for small businesses. They provide an opportunity for business owners to inform their customers about new products. In addition, they help relay marketing strategies for employees located in far away areas. The benefits are boundless, especially since you do not have to worry about traditional conference call etiquette. Unfortunately, some business owners may be discouraged by the costs of buying and subscribing to an online webinar service. If this is an issue, you should strongly consider a free webinar service listed below.


AnyMeeting is a popular webinar service packed with features. It allows you to have up to 200 people in a single online meeting and it features a screen sharing option that can have all 200 people looking at the same thing at once. It offers messaging, VoIP, and the ability to record your meetings for later use. AnyMeeting has paid versions that come with additional features, but the ad-supported version is completely free of charge. As long as ads are not a hindrance to your activities, AnyMeeting should make do as an excellent free webinar service.


OpenMeetings is another excellent free web conferencing software. This software is an open source, browser based solution like some of the best VoIP options. You can host OpenMeetings on your existing server, which is a huge advantage. The free conferencing software features tools for screen sharing whiteboarding and more. In addition, OpenMeetings has no participant limits for any web conference you host. If you want a totally free, easy to use solution, consider OpenMeetings.

ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is a free webinar service that allows you to host and join business webinars from any device. The service allows you access from Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. No matter where you are or what device you have with you, you can participate and host webinars using this service. These webinars can host up to 100 participants for free. To use ezTalks, all you need to do is log in with any Facebook or Google account. The service even offers interactive whiteboarding tools and screensharing features to make your webinars as productive as possible. Consider using ezTalks Meetings if you want one of the most comprehensive free webinar tools available.


MeetingBurner is completely cloud-based. This means that it offers some of the fastest loading times of any webinar service and helps you avoid the need for more data storage solutions. Setting up an account and getting started is also a breeze. You can expect to register and fire up a webinar event in a matter of minutes. Along with its ease of use, MinuteBurner has integration with Skype and conference calling. Though, the best part is that it is absolutely free. And unlike AnyMeeting, there are no ads. Speed, reliability, and ad-free service make MeetingBurner one of the best free webinar services available.


Vyew, like MinuteBurner, is web-based so no installation is required. It is extremely convenient in that it can function as a Google Chrome plugin, meaning it takes very little space and can be accessed at any time. One of the best things about Vyew is that it allows for 5 simultaneous webcam streams. You can share resources with several teams of people at once and allow for attendees to join in real-time. If you thought these features couldn’t come from a free webinar service, Vyew will do much to impress you.


BigBlueButton is an open-source software with an active community that is constantly developing new features. Though, what makes it unique is its focus on the education sector. This option is one of the best if you own a tutoring business. It comes with a built-in whiteboard that can be annotated and used to relay real-time information. It also has the ability to separate the moderator from its users, which is useful for a teacher/student setting. If your business is looking to cater towards an educational organization, BigBlueButton should fit your needs perfectly.

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is a free, casual option that nonetheless can be used for your business needs. Gmail and Google+ are widely used web services. Hangouts comes with integration with those services to make everything you do more streamlined. It allows you to screen share, record, and publish streams directly onto Youtube. So you can share the latest Excel timesheet with your managers easily before printing and sharing. It doesn’t have as many robust features as the services mentioned earlier, but its Google integration and simplicity make an adequate free webinar service.

Webinar services are an extremely useful tool for your business, especially if you have multiple office spaces. The cost of obtaining one should not hold you back from utilizing their features, as there are plenty of free options available to you on the internet. Look carefully at the options provided in this post, and you will be holding meetings through a free webinar service in no time.

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