Top Product Management Tools That Help You Visualize Projects Easily


Product management tools allow managers to carry out business analysis, product design, negotiations, project management, marketing and sales strategies. Of course, product management is important because it successfully integrates business objectives with market demands to fully realize business profits. Certainly, the job requires a lot of responsibility. However, product management tools can make your job a lot easier. To get started, we have provided an overview of the popular product management tools available in the market.

Do Not Be Afraid To Try

Considering the huge scope of product management, there are a lot of tools that can help with the various needs of product management. Many of these tools are available as a free trial version before purchasing any one of them. By trying out a few product management tools, you will have a good sense of what you and the business requires.

Project Based Product Management Tools


Acteamo is a great project management tool that has an effective overview panel to coordinate projects. By successfully keeping a track on different projects, product managers can streamline work flow and deal with multiple projects at the same time. It also has an effective contact management system that helps in sharing information about clients, team members and executives. In addition to that, Acteamo has a reliable invoicing feature that helps with hassle free invoicing. Acteamo can be helpful for product managers who are involved in product related projects to help you deliver your product to your e-commerce website as soon as possible.


Trello is one of the best free project management tools to help you visualize projects. The PM software is sort of like a virtual whiteboard. You can manage events, teams and even contractors with Trello. You can also invite anyone to collaborate in the program to create and complete to-dos, leave comments and more. In addition, Trello software makes it incredibly easy to customize your workstation to fit your needs. You can drag and drop cards to customize the interface so that everyone can see what their colleagues are working on. If you want a free customizable project management tool, consider Trello.


Another project focused software, Jama software is a web based program that manages research and development projects. The software provides great product management features that include change management, collaboration team, review centers, traceability and reuse. In fact, the software has notable users like the US Department of Defense and the Gates Foundation. If those organizations operate with Jama web meetings, you definitely want to consider doing so too.

Specific Product Management Tools


Next, ProdPad is one of the most notable product management tools in the market. It is possibly the only product management tool that integrates idea management, roadmapping and customer feedback tools in one place. It also has in built features that manage back logs and organizes product portfolios. For product managers, ProdPad is one product management tool that is surely going to make tasks easier and more efficient.


For product managers on teams, Onedesk is a great collaborative software that effortlessly connects developers and clients to a productive environment for product development. OneDesk is installed with a lot of features to help users come up with better and more reliable products and services. The software is known for gathering valuable feedback and innovative ideas. On top of that, it features social media monitoring for customer trends and top class customer support. With all those advanced features, OneDesk is certainly a capable product management tool, regardless of whether you are doing business in the Manchester Chamber of Commerce or elsewhere.


Last but not least, TrendRadius helps companies build more profitable products by using data from their existing business systems. The software automatically creates business cases using the probable effect on customer addition, retention and satisfaction. By providing product managers with this information, they can gather insights about existing or potential products. Furthermore, TrendRadius acts as the storehouse of all customer information that is useful for product managers.

Idea Management Tools


SoapBox is one of the most best product management tools for product managers who want a software that can help them collect input from stakeholders or various members of their organization, like that suggestion about box manufacturers. You can use SoapBox to prioritize these suggestions. In addition, the product management software will also help PMs manage team contributions and ask for additional input whenever they need. If you want a top idea management software, SoapBox is the solution for you.

As we have seen, whether you work in the food business or develop children’s products, there are a number of tools for product managers. The different tools help manage the various aspects of product management. While considering product management tools, you should weigh the associated features and respective benefits before purchasing one. By choosing the best tool to fit their needs, product managers can help businesses to grow efficiently and profitably.

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