How Manchester Chamber Of Commerce Drives Business Growth

For some time now Manchester has been seen as the capital of the North of England, and now it’s rivaling London in more than just a population and popularity sense.

Rather than businesses looking to get into the capital at all costs, enabling them to do business with people from across the country and further afield, it is now Manchester that is booming thanks to its improved infrastructure and evolving opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs, especially in the digital sector.

There is evidence in this in that the BBC and ITV have both moved into the purpose-built MediaCity UK in Salford Quays, getting away from the capital to a location where they can film their shows, produce their reports and attract the best talent from around the county.

Now, the Tech North initiative announced recently by the Government, is looking to attract further digital agencies to the area, encouraging people to start their own companies at a time when it’s never been better to do so.

This infographic, created by Alexander & Co, an accountancy firm located in the city centre, shows just how far Manchester has come in a short space of time, and the predictions made by experts and analysts that now shows how the city could rival some of the world’s biggest locations in terms of the employment opportunities offered to people.


Driving Further Growth

In the last year, the Manchester Chamber of Commerce has continued to drive further growth. Recently, an entirely new job position was created called the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Programs. This role is responsible for creating and sustaining relationships with local businesses. Then, they will be able to collaborate in efforts to make the business climate in Manchester the best it can possibly be by discussing everything from tech essentials for business to business fines and fees. This appointment shows how dedicated Manchester is to creating a better business environment for all involved.

How To Take Advantage Of These Opportunities

If you are a young entrepreneur, you know that the expected growth of Manchester spells good news for everyone. But how do you grab a hold of this opportunity? Thankfully, there are an incredible number of chances for entrepreneurs to learn provided by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce. If you navigate over to their website, you will find an entire page dedicated to business conferences, forums and development opportunities. The chamber even provides a workshop series for young entrepreneurs entitled the “Business Toolkit” that covers all the basics of opening and operating your own business, including a lesson on business casual attire. If you want to take advantage of the incredible growth opportunities provided by the city of Manchester and the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, consider signing up for one of their many business development workshops.

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