6 Top Prospecting Tools To Fast Track Your Sales Process

Most businesses use sales prospecting tools to fast track their sales process. As you might already know, prospecting is the first step towards successfully selling products or services. By using quality sales prospecting tools, your sales team can efficiently reach out to the potential customers to get their attention. On top of that, the business software used for sales prospecting helps reduce the time required for prospecting activities which facilitates sales growth. Quite naturally, your prospecting success depends on finding the right tools. To make your search easier, this post covers some excellent sales prospecting tools to help you drive more sales.

Salesloft Prospector

Salesloft Prospector is a Google Chrome extension that channels your sales efforts in the right direction to improve your contribution margin. By integrating prospecting data, this sales prospecting tool searches through different social media platforms to find leads. For example, this tool can offer long list of LinkedIn profiles matching your prospective lead criteria. It can be used to discover leads in your niche markets. All in all, Salesloft Prospector supports your sales prospecting efforts, easily connecting you to potential buyers.

HubSpot Signals

HubSpot Signals is another easy to use sales prospecting tool. This Chrome extension notifies sales representatives when a prospect opens their email or follows links within. What’s more, this sales metrics tool can work with Outlook, Gmail and Salesforce, simplifying sales prospecting for your sales team. On the whole, HubSpot Signals is a great tool to keep an eye on prospects and  promote sales growth.


Focused on making sales processes more effective, Outreach is considered one of the top sales prospecting tools. To start, Outreach streamlines all sales communications, automatically detecting, notifying and following up information on leads. Furthermore, this tool offers accurate analytics on which prospecting messages are bringing best results by leveraging your unified communication and collaboration technology. Certainly, Outreach can boost sales prospecting endeavors, increasing revenues overall.

Contact Monkey

Businesses which sends out bulk emails to prospective buyers should try Contact Monkey. This sales prospecting tool tracks emails sent via Gmail or Outlook, alerting you when they are opened. You can create tasks, add leads and update sales opportunities directly from Gmail or Outlook too. In addition, you will regularly receive notifications on which leads are ready to purchase. Surely, so many helpful features for managing your mailing lists are bound to improve the sales growth of your business.


Primarily a Gmail plug-in, Yesware is used as a sales prospecting tool across various industries. This tool simplifies prospecting efforts through amazing features like sales email automation for business, phone dialer and custom email templates. It allows sales representatives track email opening, reply rates and link clicks, enhancing the quality of follow ups. What’s more, you can create drip email campaigns using Yesware Mail Merge to keep leads engaged. Most importantly, Yesware prevents sales teams from missing follow ups, increasing their sales prospecting efficiency.


If you are on a very tight budget, Sidekick is a free sales prospecting tool that alerts you whenever someone interacts with your content on the web. With this free account, you have access to up to 200 notifications. If you want to have the benefit of unlimited notifications, you will need to pay. However, using a free Sidekick account in conjunction with other more comprehensive prospecting tools offering by payment processing companies will help to round out your sales process. Give it a try.

Look For High Data Standards

When considering which sales prospecting solutions to use for business, look for those options that have the highest data standards. Some prospecting data will be inaccurate or not useful. You want to have a prospecting tool that includes features that automatically clean and clear prospect data. This way, your business will only use the absolute best sales prospecting data to inform sales strategies.

Selecting the right sales prospecting tools is necessary to accelerate the sales process. There are many Salesforce competitors to consider. Quickly finding sales leads will increase your business’ conversion rates and increase sales. There are plenty of online tools, plug-ins and extensions which you can use for sales prospecting activities. However, you should choose the tools that best fit your specific business requirements and target market size. Ultimately, quality sales prospecting tools reduce time and effort required to achieve sales growth.

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