Top Salesforce Competitors To Download For Useful Industrial Insight

Most competitors find it difficult to keep up with the quality of services offered by this esteemed software solutions provider. However, some of these competitors are doing a commendable job, offering services on par with, if not better. Studying the competitive advantages of these major Salesforce competitors enables new businesses to gain great industrial insight. Surely, in-depth insight about how your business can compete with Salesforce will promote its progress. To help you in this regard, this post lists the top competitors and highlights their strengths.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Just like, Microsoft Dynamics CRM specializes in developing customer relationship management software. It provides software appropriate for sales, service and marketing departments of corporate companies. Ease of use and advanced customization options make Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s software solutions stand out. Moreover, integrations are available for its software solutions. The integrations are delivered through platforms like premise, SaaS or partner hosted. More importantly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM designs software solutions which can be operated without any help from IT departments. Undoubtedly, strong focus on customer centric and feature rich software solutions have made Microsoft Dynamics CRM one of the top competitors.


Oracle is another noteworthy competitor, delivering wide variety of industry specific software and cloud solutions globally. In the first place, they gained a competitive advantage over by including superior features like digital tracking, lead scoring, nurture campaigns and lead distribution. On top of that, Oracle is believed to offer the best cloud based business intelligence (BI) in the industry, facilitating custom report creation and CRM data analysis. In addition to abundant helpful features, their platform gives customers the chance to choose between single-tenant and multi-tenant hosting options. Finally, offering low cost software solutions has established Oracle as a leading competitor.


A leading enterprise software solution provider, SAP SE is also considered a competitor. This software solution company provides enterprise resources planning (ERP) software aimed at integrating distribution, accounting, human resources and manufacturing. Furthermore, SAP SE has recently started offering cloud based customer relationship management solutions to compete with Providing software solutions customized to a client’s line of business has enhanced the company’s competitive edge. Most importantly, seamless integration and ease of use make SAP SE’s solutions preferred by various industry leaders when compared to Salesforce.

Sugar CRM

Combining low software prices and user-friendly solutions, SugarCRM competes with a top CRM provider like Their open source code and innovative development framework make its highly flexible software solutions popular among corporate clients. Another feature of SugarCRM is being one of the first CRM vendors to offer cloud portability. On top of that, SugarCRM delivers wide range of complimentary products and local support across the entire world through its development community named SugarForge. On the whole, customized software solutions and comprehensive customer support have put SugarCRM among the most popluar competitors.


Salesnet has made their mark among the top competitors by offering configurable CRM solutions. Salesnet focuses on creating flexible customer relationship solutions with an easy to use interface. Moreover, they customize CRM solutions according to specific requirements of clients. This helps to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Surely, strong commitment to delivering extraordinary customer support has given Salesnet a slight upper hand over and similar coupon management software with CRM capabilities.


This Salesforce competitor also offers tools for online marketing and sales. The big difference of this business solution is that the software was designed specifically for use by small businesses, rather than those with a tech background. If you own a small business, you know that not all award-winning software solutions work properly for operations your size. This is one area where Infusionsoft certainly beats the competition. If you own a small business and want a software that is tailored specifically for your particular operations and challenges, consider Infusionsoft.

Social Media Capabilities

Social media integrations are one of the must-have features of CRM software options you consider. That is why the CRM tools detailed above all offer these capabilities. Should you choose to look elsewhere outside of the options listed above however, you should keep this in mind. CRM software with social media integrations is much more common than it once was. But, you need to be sure that this is the case with any CRM solutions you consider. Keep this in mind, regardless of whether you choose to buy one of the top CRM solutions detailed above or another one of the top Salesforce competitors you find through your own research.

Evaluating services offered by competitors gives us valuable insight on reasons for their success and the KPIs similar success requires. There is no doubt that new businesses offering CRM solutions can learn a lot from competing companies. All in all, these high performing competitors demonstrate how hard work and innovation helps in succeeding in a niche industrial segment.

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