5 Best Agile Collaboration Tools To Improve Team Management

Agile teams often consist of workers from across the globe. In order to ensure that these teams stay on track on their projects, team managers use the top agile collaboration tools. That way, they can follow a good agile business model. As a manager of an agile team yourself, you need such tools to improve your project management and process automation. Read this post to learn about the best agile collaboration tools to improve team management.

Collaborative Dashboard

Firstly, one of the best agile team tools is a collaborative dashboard. With such a dashboard, you can stay as organized as possible as a manager. At the same time, your employees can easily track their work. The best dashboards allow workers from all over the globe to reach out to one another with questions about projects. The top dashboards also enable managers to change schedules and assign tasks easily. For these reasons, invest in a collaborative dashboard.

File Sharing Tool

Another great tool that agile team managers use is a file sharing tool. As the name suggests, this type of tool allows teams to share documents with one another remotely. Moreover, your team members can offer each other feedback through comments on documents. You can even create separate folders for different types of documents. That way, you can keep employee handbook information, guidelines for specific tasks and any company rules in an easy-to-access space. There are plenty of reasons to purchase this agile collaboration tool.

Progress Monitoring Tool

Moreover, progress monitoring tools enhance workflows in agile teams. This type of tool allows managers like you to view each team members’ successes. Then, you can take action when certain members are falling behind on their work. At the same time, you can show workers who are excelling appreciation so that they continue to produce good work. You can see how well your team is doing as a whole and then improve your agile planning practices to create a more adaptive environment. . If your entire team is falling short, you know to hold a meeting to discuss the issues at hand. Avoid issues and encourage progression with this best agile collaboration tool.

Continuous Integration Tool

Integration tools are also particularly useful for agile teams. When teams use a variety of software solutions and tools, they often take the time to move between the services. This wastes time and, therefore, puts teams at a disadvantageous. Fortunately, the top continuous integration tools allow agile teams to add layers of processes as they work. That way, they do not need to waste time moving between applications to complete a single task. They can integrate their tools and plugins right into one application for a speeder completion rate. You can do the same as the manager of the team and save yourself time. Keep this agile collaboration tool in mind to improve your team management.

Communication Tool

Finally, managers improve their practices with agile communication tools. After all, conversing with one another plays a major role in any team’s success. Many managers use agile methodology training games for team building and communication purposes, but still struggle with certain groups. Unfortunately, it can be extra difficult to accomplish for remote teams. If you invest in a communication tool, however, you can reach out to your team members at any time. Moreover, they can respond to your questions, concerns and tips in real-time. Hence, this is yet another agile collaboration tool that boosts team’s productivity levels. If you want to improve your management skills, purchase this type of tool for your agile team.

In order to successfully manage an agile team made up of both in-house employees and remote workers, you need to invest in the top collaboration tools available. Start by finding the perfect collaborative dashboard that makes staying organized easy. Then, search for a stress-free file sharing tool that allows employees to leave comments on each other’s work. Find progress monitoring tools and continuous integration ones to streamline your processes and ensure they run smoothly as well. Lastly, look for a top-of-the-line communication tool to keep your team on track. Use these best agile collaboration tools to improve your team management.

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