5 Best Agile Methodology Training Games For Team Building

Agile methodology training games assist teams in achieving their project goals. For this reason, agile managers like yourself implement them regularly. They can assist your teams in breaking projects up into multiple, smaller projects. They also teach teams how to work together to complete projects within the set iterations. Many managers combine these types of games with motivational games for staff meetings to build productive teams. After all, if you want to boost your team’s ability to work with one another and complete projects efficiently, you need to use the top activities. Read on to discover the best agile methodology training games for team building.


Successful project managers encourage their teams to play Battleships. This agile methodology training game entails separating your team into two teams. Hand each team a battleships sheet and cut-out dots to use as ships. Instruct each team to set up their “ships” and work with their team members to plan their hits against the other team. Once they agree upon a hit plan, they have to communicate it to their opponents. In turn, their opponents inform them of how many “ships” they sank with their hits. After team 1 makes receives the feedback, they let team 2 take their turn. However, team 1 gives team 2 feedback in real-time as opposed to after they state all of their hits. Thus, team 2 gets to alter their original hit plan based on the feedback they receive. This agile methodology training game shows employees what iterative development is while also allowing them to improve their teamwork tactics.

Human Knot

The Human Knot is another agile methodology training game that gives teams the boost they need to produce higher quality work. To conduct the game, tell your team to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a large circle. Instruct them to reach their left hand into the middle of the circle and grab another team member’s hand. After, tell them to do the same with their right hands. Assure that no one grabs onto their neighbors’ hands. Then, encourage your team to try to get out of the knot that they formed without letting go of each other. Teams who play this agile methodology training game learn how to analyze situations and communicate with one another better. As a result, they can hold better business discussions with one another.

Presto Manifesto

Additionally, Presto Manifesto offers agile methodology training. To play this game, first explain what project success means. Then, separate your team into small groups. Ask them to write down a list of crucial elements on successful projects. They must work with their small teams to choose the best elements. When a team finishes writing their list, have each team member sign the bottom of the paper to state that they agree with what is written. After everyone signs their documents, tell each team to share their list with the rest of the groups. Identify any similarities between the lists and bring them to your team’s attention. Call them the agile manifesto and use them as reminders throughout future projects. This game encourages team work in the office and shows the positive results of it.

Marshmallow Challenge

Another agile methodology training game worth trying out is the Marshmallow Challenge. Collect 20 spaghetti sticks, one yard of string, a marshmallow and one yard of tape. Then, create teams of 5 or less. Set a timer for 18 minutes and instruct each team to use the available materials to build a structure. Tell them that the marshmallow has to be located at the very top of the structure. Another rule is that they cannot use glue to stabilize their structures. Whichever team follows the rules and creates a formation that stands for at least 20 seconds wins the agile methodology training game. In the process, employees learn the value of waste reduction and continuous experimentation. At the same time, managers determine which team management tactics they should implement based on their team’s demonstrated skills.

Name Game

Finally, the Name Game brings teams together and increases their knowledge regarding agile methodology. To begin, designate one team member as the developer, making the rest their clients. Instruct the developer to write down each client’s name. Tell them that they need to provide each client with their services as soon as possible. Start a timer and tell each client to provide the developer with their name. The developer cannot write down the client names. Instead, they can only write down one letter of a name at a time. When the developer finishes a client’s name, they hand that client the paper with their name on it. The client then logs how long it took for them to get their paper. After every client receives their paper, the team proceeds with round two. This time, the developer can write down each client’s name at once. The clients will receive their papers much faster this time around than the first time. Thus, employees learn that it takes longer to complete projects when multitasking, which is a major agile methodology training component.

Use games to teach your team the importance of agile methodology and encourage team building at the same time. One of the best games is Battleships because employees learn what iterative development is. The Human Knot game shows teams that they need to analyze situations and work together to solve problems. Presto Manifesto allows teams to work together to figure out what makes a project team successful. The Marshmallow Challenge provides teams with a fun way to learn how essential continuous experimentation is. Additionally, the Name Game proves that multitasking is not efficient. Use these agile methodology training games for team building and educational purposes.

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