5 Best Amazon Seller Software Tools For Competitive Advantage

As one of the Big Four tech companies in the US, Amazon has become the go-to online consignment store for sellers. In order to out-perform the competition, online vendors need the best Amazon seller software tools. Deciding how to move these products quickly is one of the biggest parts of operations planning. These tools provide a mostly automated strategy for reaching your target audience and maximizing your selling potential. Getting started selling on Amazon can be challenging due to the huge amount of competition already established on the site. However, using the right tools enables your success. Read on for a list of the best Amazon seller software tools.

Keyword Tools

One of the best Amazon seller software tools assists you in creating keywords for your products. This tool allows you to test out different keywords through various search engines to see how they rank. This is valuable because using the best keywords results in more traffic to your listing on Amazon. Additionally, keywords tools also tell you how you rank on searches in different countries. Because Amazon is an international company, the entire world is your market. For this reason, it is important that you know how your keywords rank globally. The best Amazon seller software tools tell you how your keywords rank, allowing you to optimize your global reach.

FBA Margin Calculator

While it is important to know which keywords to use, another of the best Amazon seller software tools is an FBA calculator. As a seller, you can use either a fulfillment by Amazon or a fulfillment by manufacturer system. An FBA calculator factors in Amazon’s fees and computes the profit margin you can expect as a return. The calculator then shows a comparison of potential profit between the FBA and FBM systems. This tool provides you with an accurate yield projection, regardless of which fulfillment system you decided to use. An FBA margin calculator enables you to decide whether or not you want to be responsible for order fulfillment.

Trend Detector

Because keywords follow historical patterns, one of the best Amazon seller software tools is the trend detector. Not only does this tool break down historical trends, but it also highlights demographic search tendencies. Similar to a keyword tool, this allows you to increase your search engine rankings. The difference, however, is that a trend detector enables you to compare multiple keywords and gauge their popularity among a more specific demographic. Use this information to effectively reach your target audience in a way your competitors cannot. Trend detectors of some of the best Amazon seller tools because they offer a detailed analysis of keyword history and usage.

Rank Tracking

Since your competitors are using keywords as well, rank tracking is among the best Amazon seller software tools. Rank tracking shows you who the leader is for products and keywords in your category. Also, this tool informs you of how you stack up against the competition. More than anything, this tool enables you to assess your product’s performance. Use this tool to get daily reports on your ranking. This information enables you to decide what changes need to be made regarding content and keyword usage. For sellers on Amazon, rank tracking allows you to compare how your products are performing against your competitors.

Automated Emailing

Finally, if you want only the best Amazon seller tools, ensure you use an automated emailing program. This system provides tried-and-true templates for buyer response emails. Use automated emailing tools to solicit product feedback, provide sales receipts, or send thank you notes to customers. Automated emailing builds a sense of loyalty between you and your customers. This results in potential recommendations for your products. Selling products is one of the largest reasons for email marketing. Vendors need to use Amazon seller software tools like automated emailing to generate a relationship with their customers.

The best Amazon seller software tools enable you to get an edge over your competitors. Keyword tools allow you to test out different keywords to see how they rank across different search engines. FBA margin calculators inform you of what yields to expect if you use a fulfillment by Amazon system. Trend detectors and rank tracking help you choose keywords for specific audiences and track how they are performing. Furthermore, automated emailing enables you to create brand loyalty among your customers. Understanding these tools significantly helps you increase efficiency. Use this advice on the best Amazon seller software tools to get an advantage over other vendors.

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