5 Reasons For Email Marketing And How To Optimize It

I can’t stress enough how important it is today to do email marketing. Most businesses do not even have a marketing strategy or a plan. They just sit and wait for the clients to come. In the real world, that process is very slow.

If you don’t have a good marketing plan to follow on daily basis your business will not grow as fast as you would like. Marketing is a wide term. Many people including me believed that the success in any business will come if the company is able to provide quality web hosting services. I don’t think that is true anymore. Providing quality services is a must but it will not bring you the business you need to grow. You must sit down and think how you can attract clients, get more traffic to your website and then convert the visitors to customers.

Have A Second Chance To Convert A Visitor Into A Client

Imagine that someone visits your web site, looks around and then leaves without providing any feedback to you. That visitor is a lost customer. Any visitor who doesn’t become a customer shows how bad your marketing strategy is and how well your website is optimized for sales.

When the visitor leaves there is no way for you to try to convince him to order and try your services. But if you get his email address the situation changes. You can follow up with him using polite business greetings in one, two or three days. You can give him an offer he can’t resist. Here you have one more chance to convert him into a customer. If the visitor doesn’t react on the first offer then you can try one more time with even a better one or a free trial. You can test that, run A/B testing of different offers to see which one converts most and then use what works.

Be Able To Build A Remarketing List

By getting the contact emails from the visitors of your web site you get contact email addresses of people interested in your services. It is very likely that those people have friends who are also interested in the same services. You can use the email addresses to build remarketing lists in Facebook and then show ads to your visitors when they visit Facebook as long as they use the same email in Facebook, of course. But, that is one more way to put your products and services in front of their eyes. This is certainly not a possibility when using video marketing strategies.

Remarketing is a very powerful tool nowadays and all big players in your industry use it in their sample marketing plan. If you don’t know what remarketing is then Google it and use your mailing list to setup your first campaign. Remarketing is very cheap to do and is very effective in getting new customers.

Email Has Multiple Advantages

Email marketing is a must because the advantages it has are many. I will mention the most important ones after the two I already described above. By doing email marketing, you will have the lowest cost per customer. You don’t pay visitors of your web site to provide their mail address and sending emails is free as well. Yes, you have to pay for a web hosting service to send emails but it’s not as expensive as paying for SEO or doing Adwords.

You can also easily measure the results of your email marketing efforts because you can see who responded to your offers sent via email and how many signed up. Moreover, even the potential clients don’t sign up after your email offers you will still have them in your database. You will still be able to show them Facebook ads so that they don’t forget about your business. At some point they will finally become customers.

Easy Mobile Solution

Email marketing offers an easy, low-cost solution for reaching mobile users. This is one of the biggest reasons for email marketing mailing lists. Texts are another popular way to reach mobile users. However, those can incur costs for consumers, whereas marketing emails do not. With email marketing, you can reach an entirely new audience without the need for developing mobile apps. That can be extremely costly. You can hire an internet advertising company to assist you in promoting your services online to mobile users as well. Regardless, email marketing is a perfect, low-cost solution to easily reach mobile users without investing much time to developing new technologies.

How To Do Email Marketing Correctly?

To do email marketing correctly is not enough to just start sending emails to the visitors who provided their mail address. Before you start sending your email marketing messages you must be absolutely sure that they will be delivered to the inbox. If they are delivered to the spambox/junk folder or worse if they are rejected by the destination mail server then your marketing efforts will be wasted. Do not waste the internet marketing benefits email marketing offers.

Segment Email Lists

Once you understand the reasons for email marketing, you need to optimize it by segmenting email lists. By segmenting email lists, you allow yourself to be more personable with your customers. Separate your large email list into multiple small ones to really speak to each group separately. Base your groups off of categories like gender, recent purchases, and location. Customer experience mapping can provide insight into your customers’ buying decisions. Use this insight to write effective emails as well. Then, you can increase your sales through email marketing.

To get your emails delivered to the inbox, it is important to have a reliable email hosting service. It will be ideal if you have your own cloud server which you use only for your business and no one else has access to it to send emails. In that way you will have high inbox delivery rates for your email marketing campaigns and you will never wonder why the people you contact never see your messages. Actually, there are some useful steps you can take to increase your inbox delivery rates so that you never ask yourself why are my emails delivered to spam folders. There are many reasons for email marketing to be used at your organization. However, they will not be effective if you do not use them properly.

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