Why Sprinkler Repair Franchises Promise Excellent Profitability


Sprinkler Repair Guy is a renowned provider of landscape enhancement and repair services. Despite humble beginnings in 2003, it has achieved commendable success. Dedication and consistent service quality have turned it into the go to sprinkler repairing company. Since 2013, Sprinkler Repair Guy has been offering franchise opportunities to eligible entrepreneurs.

Established operational systems and longstanding reputation make an investment in [a] Sprinkler Repair Guy franchise worthwhile. However before buying a franchise, entrepreneurs have to evaluate its profitability. Anyone can buy one of the millions of top pizza franchises, but it takes a skilled handyman to try breaking into the repair industry. This post explores the benefits offered by a Sprinkler Repair Guy franchise, showing you why the franchise can be profitable.

Specialized Services

Irrigation repair services require business owners, or at least their employees, to have specialized knowledge that few others share, unlike the fast food industry. This is what makes sprinkler repair businesses such great opportunities. You do not have to worry about breaking into a densely populated market and vying for the least bit of competitive edge. Instead, you can focus on providing excellent customer service to your clients and let word of mouth advertising due its work. Not many plumbing businesses offer irrigation repair solutions, either. The specialized knowledge that irrigation and sprinkler repair activities require is part of what makes these business opportunities so enticing.

Sprinkler Repair Guy Company

Sprinkler Repair Guy has more than a decade’s experience in providing lawn irrigation, landscape lighting, drip irrigation and drainage system services. Whether it is a minor sprinkler repair or customized lighting system installation, Sprinkler Repair Guy can execute it efficiently. To this end, the Sprinkler Repair Guy franchise company only employs certified installers, adept at designing customized solutions to follow client specifications. The bonded, insured and licensed company offers the appropriate guidance that new franchisees require to succeed.

Franchise Opportunity

Franchising is a convenient way of launching an entrepreneurial career. However, not all franchise opportunities are worthy of your time or attention. Sprinkler Repair Guy stands out from the rest because it understands customers and franchisees equally well, while still being one of the cheap franchises that most can afford. In addition, this company has established methods to deliver 100% customer satisfaction along with outstanding services.

By investing in a Sprinkler Repair Guy Franchise, local business owners can afford national brand recognition. This brand strength gives them the competitive edge needed to beat competitors and monetize quicker. A profitable business model, well-accepted systems and support network across US have made Sprinkler Repair Guy franchise a lucrative opportunity.

Sprinkler Repair Guy Franchise Cost

To be eligible for a Sprinkler Repair Guy franchise, one’s net worth must be above $25,000. Sprinkler Repair Guy requires $35,000 as a franchise fee and an additional 10% royalty. Moreover, interested entrepreneurs have to possess $25,000 as liquid capital. The total investment will be around $100,000 to buy a Sprinkler Repair Guy Franchise.

Sprinkler Repair Guy Franchise Benefits

Sprinkler Repair Guy offers several considerable benefits to its franchisees. With this franchise for sale, residential and commercial property owners will quickly recognize your business. As a result, getting customers will not be difficult. Moreover, Sprinkler Repair Guy has innovated suitable service strategies to help you stand out in your territory. To help the franchisees prosper, Sprinkler Repair Guy offers only one franchise opportunity in each territory. All the zip codes can be found in the SRG franchise disclosure document. The other benefits of Sprinkler Repair Guy franchise are incredible buying power, recurring revenue and a comparatively low investment. All these benefits contribute to the franchisee’s success.

How Does Sprinkler Repair Guy Support Franchisees?

Sprinkler Repair Guy offers several weeks of hands-on and digital training to its franchisees. The initial 5-day-long training is provided at the home office in Orange County, CA. This training session encompasses industry know-how and best practices. Sprinkler Repair Guy’s certified online training program enables franchisees to continue training. Moreover, franchisees can check their daily net profit through a back end system, designed by the Sprinkler Repair Guy company. In addition, the franchisees get access to central integration, real time job tracking and service call routing systems. By providing the right resources to all the franchisees, Sprinkler Repair Guy franchise supports them comprehensively.

Necessary Skills

If you want to open a sprinkler repair franchise, you do not have to be an expert handyman. However, there are some basic fixes that you need to know in order to give your business the best chance at success. The first, and most basic, repair skill that you are going to need to know is how to replace a sprinkler head. It is an incredibly simple job. Just locate the damaged sprinkler head, dig a hole in the surrounding area, and install a new sprinkler head by turning it with your hands to affix it tightly. If you want to become the best sprinkler repair business around, it is necessary that the business owner, that means you, understands the most basic fixes for broken sprinklers. Franchisors may offer business help, but they certainly will not want to teach you all the nuances of irrigation.

Sprinkler Repair Guy is among the leading irrigation and landscape maintenance franchises in California. High quality services, technology integration, warranty and excellent customer care have made this franchising company a household name. Franchisees can certainly reap the benefits of Sprinkler Repair Guy’s increasing popularity, once they have figured out how to raise money for business ventures.

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