5 Architecture Marketing Ideas To Generate Brand Awareness Efficiently

Architects are good at many things. But oftentimes, marketing is just not one of those things. Thankfully, there are still many thriving architecture businesses that can help other startup architecture firms learn a lesson or two. There is no need to start studying up on the psychology of marketing tactics. If you are an architect who owns there own firm, these lessons are the perfect tools to use to grow your own business. Learn some of the best architecture marketing ideas used by the big-league architecture firms below.

Professional Photography

Professional photography makes good work look great, and great work look extraordinary.They can do wonders for your marketing strategies. Gallery images of your previous projects help to demonstrate your abilities. These professional photos can also be used on any number of marketing materials, like direct mail marketing. This is one of the most basic marketing strategies for architecture firms that really helps your architectural prowess shine.

Get A Website

If you do not already have one, build a website for your business. Business websites are the best way to get information about your firm out to prospective clients. Use local SEO techniques when building your website. This will improve visibility for your webpage and therefore your business as whole. Make sure to provide links to your website on every social media profile you have as well as in your email signature. This is a must-have marketing tactic for all businesses; architecture firms are no different.

Produce Content

Now that you have a website, you can produce content as a marketing campaign. Content marketing is one of the hot marketing trends in the digital age. You definitely want to employ these strategies. The best content marketing strategies will help you grow your online audience and build brand recognition. Once you have a large online following, it will be  much easier to find clients and grow your architecture firm. This is a must use architecture marketing strategy that all businesses can take advantage of.

Host Lectures

Hosting lectures is a great way to promote your architecture business with event marketing. It can open your business up to a whole new audience. Host an open lecture series and encourage friends, family, employees and partners to bring along anyone they know that would be interested in such a topic.  Do not just talk about architecture, though. Make your lecture series about something your business is passionate about, like social responsibility or environmental sustainability. This will get a more diverse audience in your business. That is why this is such a strong architecture marketing technique that is used by so many top architecture firms.

Form Partnerships

Form partnerships with other industry businesses. Construction companies, real estate agencies, interior design firms and surveying firms all make great options to partner with. These partnerships will provide your firm access to additional projects. It can help you get more businesses through referrals. In addition, if you have the right partners, it will lend credibility to your business. This will also help with your business promotion. If you want to know how to market an architecture firm, consider forming partnerships with industry businesses to promote your company.

If you are an architect, devising and implementing the best architecture marketing strategies may not be one of your skills. Business promotion may be an area where you struggle. But, that is okay. These marketing strategies for architecture firms above are proven tactics to generate business and build brand awareness. Implement them now to experience the benefits high-quality marketing and advertising can offer your firm.

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