5 Fine Art Movers Services For Delivery And Storage

There are various moving and storage services offered by the best fine art movers business. Fine art requires intricate, secure and delicate care from the time it’s removed from it’s location to when it’s hung on display. Of course, there are several risk factors that can impact the art during transportation, including vibration, shock, humidity and temperature. As a fine art movers business owner, ensure all services offer insurance and in-depth protection. Read on to discover the moving and storage services offered by the best fine art movers business.

Packaging, Securing And Crating Services

First, you should offer packaging, securing and crating services as a fine art movers business. Each piece of artwork requires different care and appropriate packing solutions. As a result, offer various plans for distinct pieces including paintings, ceramic statues, antiques and sculptures. Of course, utilize nonabrasive foams and blankets to avoid damaging the surfaces of the artwork. More so, create internal shadow boxes to support and lock the pieces in place. Additionally, carefully pick your tape solutions and ensure the chemical properties won’t stain or leach the art piece’s color. This implementation is a great tip for corporate event planning and other professional occasions. Certainly, offer proper packaging, securing and crating services as a fine art moving business.

Transportation And Shipping Services

Secondly, offer transportation and shipping services to your clients. Provide local transportation with unique air-ride, climate controlled trucks and vehicles. Of course, purchase transportation vehicles with alarm systems, GPS tracking and car insurance. As a result, you can ensure that all artwork pieces are protected as securely as possible. More so, consider supplying clients with national transportation options. For example, allow customers to ship their art across the sea via boat. Or, provide air courier services to transport art across the world. Surely, provide transportation and shipping services as a fine art movers business.

Insurance Services

Next, consider providing insurance services for your fine art transportation company. Offer insurance solutions to protect your business and client’s property against potential damage. Of course, most air and sea transportation modes are thoroughly safe, secure and protected for moving fine art. However, there is the possibility of unforeseen circumstances. As a result, you should provide art insurance consulting and discussions with appraisal companies for your clients. In fact, offer specific insurance packages that best suit your client’s situation and art collection. Certainly, work with your customers to meet their demands, security expectations and art work specifications. You should also consider investing in cargo insurance to reduce liability across your business. Definitely provide insurance services as a fine art moving company.

Storage Services

Of course, as a fine art movers business, you should offer storage services. Provide affordable storage options for your clients. Ensure the storage facility is climate-controlled to protect the artwork from possible climate-related conditions. In fact, individual art pieces react differently to hot, humid and cold environments. As a result, you may want to invest in individually controlled units to store certain artwork. More so, install a state-of-the-art surveillance system to guarantee the safety of your client’s property. Certainly, offer storage services as a fine art moving company.

Art Installation Services

Finally, provide art installation services as a fine art movers business. Offer your clients the option to install and display their art once it has reached its final destination. Of course, include other installation services such as condition reports, art labeling, pedestal construction and showcase establishment. More so, allow clients to access your installation options at contemporary museums, residential private galleries or office corporate collections. Also, provide your services to attendees at art fairs, exhibitions, art shows and antique item trade shows. Surely, include art installation services at your fine art moving company.

There are several moving and storage services offered by the leading fine art movers business. First, offer packaging, securing and crating services to properly pack specific art pieces such as paintings, statues or antiques. Secondly, supply transportation and shipping services for clients to securely send their art to different locations. Next, provide insurance services to protect your business and client’s artwork against potential damage. Of course, offer storage services to keep client’s pieces safe in climate-controlled facilities. Finally, provide installation services and hang or display artwork for clients as requested. These are the moving and storage services you should offer as a fine art movers business.

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