7 Authority-Building Strategies For Your Corporate LinkedIn

Take a long look at your company’s LinkedIn page. Is it everything you know it can be? Or does it leave something to be desired? If your answer is the latter, don’t fret. You’re not alone. Plenty of corporate LinkedIn pages are mediocre or worse. Such profiles do not succeed in improving company branding. They fail to give businesses the reputation boosts they need. As a result, job-seekers avoid applying for open positions. These companies struggle to grow in the highly competitive market.

Fortunately, you have the power to transform your LinkedIn page this month. You can succeed in using your page for LinkedIn B2B marketing. Moreover, you can do so without investing inordinate time, talent or capital into the project. You can improve your reputation and expand your company easily. All you have to do is implement these seven authority-building strategies for corporate LinkedIn profiles.

Use Rich Media Elements

This is actually one of LinkedIn’s “five non-obvious ways” to improve corporate pages, so you know it’s a quality addition to your profile. Do yourself a favor and read the whole primer (it’s #1 one in the linked article) for more insight into how and when you should add multimedia elements to your LinkedIn content.

Add Your Slogan

It is common business knowledge that incorporating business slogans into both online and offline content is advantageous. For this reason, include your corporate slogan or tagline just below your profile’s cover photo. The Center for Arts and Technology’s LinkedIn profile demonstrates how to do this well — those four words immediately jump off the page without any highlighting or shading.

Encourage Employees To Connect

Blast out an organization-wide email encouraging your employees to follow your corporate LinkedIn page. If you do not already use an email service for small business, invest in one to create impressive emails. It’ll take five minutes of your time and dramatically increase your organization’s apparent size and reach.

Utilize The 4-1-1 Rule

While business slogans are crucial to business success on social media pages, business owners also use the 4-1-1 rule to reach their online goals. The simplified 4-1-1 social media rule recommends posting four pieces of new content, one repost and one self-serving post. In this context, “new content” means elsewhere-published content shared on your profile with attribution.

Basically, most of your LinkedIn content (and other social media content, too) should not be your own.

Connect With Powerful Users

Spend 30 minutes each week finding industry thought leaders and key competitor employees to connect with on LinkedIn. You’ll need those connections for recruiting purposes, if nothing else, but they’re also a gold mine for your brand marketing efforts. You can’t spark conversations if one party isn’t listening, after all.

Track Your Links

Don’t link out from LinkedIn-posted content without using tracking links. You want to gain insight into how many consumers follow the links you provide. Use other LinkedIn strategies to learn how to gain insights easily and boost your social following.

Create A Colorful Cover

The dirty little secret about social media cover splashes: they rarely work. If your cover is out-of-focus, then it needs to go now. Swap it out for a high-resolution, properly sized logo or team photo — or anything recognizable and on-brand, for that matter. Brand image plays a major role in increasing company reputation.

How’s Your LinkedIn Authority?

LinkedIn authority is not static. In a world of goldfish-length attention spans and fashion cycles shorter than holiday workweeks, LinkedIn company pages rise and fall with alarming speed. It’s up to you to stay one step ahead of your audience, delivering what your best guess has them craving at any given time.

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