5 Automated Customer Experience Tools To Improve eCommerce Businesses

eCommerce business owners can improve their customer-facing services using automated tools. Customer experience is key when it comes to the success of an eCommerce business. With the entirety of these businesses based online, it is essential that business owners invest in the latest customer experience tools. These tools help improve your website by automating various customer service activities. Not only does this save you time but it improves your customers’ experience as they browse your site. With automated tools, business owners gain an intimate understand their consumers shopping trends. They are thus better equipped to implement marketing strategies and product lines for their target demographic. Here are some automated customer experience tools to improve your eCommerce business.

Live Chat

One of the most useful customer experience tools is Live Chat. Live Chat uses AI robots to field customer questions as they browse your site. Commonly, these robotic conversation specialists are referred to as chatbots. Customer service chatbots are becoming increasingly popular to answer questions, recommend products, and offer suggestions on modern eCommerce platforms.  When customers face challenges while shopping, they may leave your website before making a purchase.

With a live chat in place, however, they can quickly contact you to resolve any issues that arise. This is the perfect point of contact for all customer queries. This includes questions about product warranties, return polities, and all payment processes. Your AI chat bot will be programmed to answer customer questions effectively. Additionally, when they are unable to answer a question, they connect customers directly to a team member able to fix their problem. Live chat is a preferred customer experience tool among eCommerce professionals and consumers alike.

Personalized Email Transactions

Business owners can also automate their customer service systems with personalized email transactions. Personalized emails are beneficial for connecting with customers and turning leads into sales. Customer experience tools create personalized emails for customers automatically. When a customer makes a purchase, for example, they automatically receive a personalized email thanking them for visiting your site. You can also enable these systems to send a reminder email after 30 days automatically. This email will be tailored specifically to an individual customer based on demographic data. In this email, customers will be asked to fill out a survey about their experience. This survey data will further improve the customer service capabilities of your eCommerce site. Personalized email transactions are a useful feature offered by automated customer experience tools.

Detailed Customer Analytics

You can also use automated tools to create detailed customer analytics. These tools gather consumer data from the people who visit your site. Using this data, they create a profile of your typical shopper. This data is useful for identifying the demographic most drawn to your product line. You can then adjust your offerings to cater more directly to this audience. Analytical tools allow you to improve customer experience based on relevant data. These integrated systems also let business owners access this data from a single space. When business owners have a detailed understanding of their customers, they are more capable of catering to their needs. Utilize customer experience tools organize the business data analysis for your eCommerce site.

Checkout Procedures

Automation can also be used to streamline the checkout process on your eCommerce site. Checkout optimization is an entire field of eCommerce specialization. This is because it is the final step to convert leads into sales. eCommerce store owners can use automated customer experience tools to make checkout easier. Your “Add To Cart” button must be simple and clear with “Pay Now” staring customers in the face at all times. A guest checkout option is useful to make your customers’ shopping experience easier. Customer experience tools also employ features aimed at lowering cart abandonment rates. Additionally, automated systems provide real-time order status updates to store owners. This ensures that revenue is calculated accurately. Automated customer experience tools improve checkout procedures for eCommerce store owners.

Social Media Monitoring

Lastly, you can improve customer experience on your eCommerce site using social media monitoring tools. These automated systems track potential customers behavior on social media. They provide business owners with products consumers are mentioning on their feeds. This helpful insight allows eCommerce professionals to optimize their customer-facing services. Business owners can set up search criteria to monitor what customers are saying about their brand. This may include your brand name, common search terms or any verbiage associated with your product. When you track social media conversations and pay attention to trends, you can see and address any problems before they become major challenges. Even better, the top monitoring tools help you constantly stay on top of social media security. Customer experience tools allow eCommerce professionals to monitor consumer social media trends.

Customer experience tools are useful for improving eCommerce sites. Live Chat, for example, uses AI to field customer questions. Business owners can automatically send out personalized emails to their customers. Additionally, detailed customer analytics provide store owners with relevant data to improve customer experience. Checkout procedures are streamlined to track revenue and ensure consumer satisfaction. Also, social media monitoring tools provide insight into brand awareness on social sites. Use these automated customer experience tools to improve your eCommerce business.

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