5 Free Automatic Scheduling Software Tools Manage Operations

Running a small business is a lot of work. This is especially true for those small business owners that work in the healthcare, restaurant or wellness industries. Creating employee schedules is a huge undertaking on its own. Add other operations management responsibilities into the equation and you are talking about at least half of your work week being spent on administrative tasks alone. That is why business automation is one of the biggest new business trends in healthcare. Thankfully, there are many software solutions available with automatic scheduling tools to streamline this management task. Here are the top automatic scheduling software free options to improve efficiency at your small business.

ABC Roster

ABC Roster is one of the few employee shift scheduling software solutions that is entirely free to use without exception. The free automatic scheduling software is designed to assist you in the complex task or organizing employee shift schedules. ABC Roster offers an easy-to-use interface with automated planner features, as well as tools for exporting schedules to Excel, PDF or HTML documents. The software even provides tools to manage all aspects of scheduling, including employee availability, PTO, events or other bookings. It is perfect for health care businesses or opiate detox centers that need employees for patients. The software also emails employee schedules direct to their personal accounts or company email. If you can only afford a 100% free employee shift scheduling software, ABC Roster is one of the few to consider.


Sling software was tailored specifically to retail and restaurant business owners. That is why the software developers sought to make it the easiest scheduling process out there. Sling provides tools for up-to-date availability and time off requests. That helps you avoid conflicts, which is always crucial for good management. The software company also offers guidance to help you streamline your scheduling process and features notifications for overlapping shifts. In the restaurant business, you want to avoid double-bookings within your schedules. You can use the software to assign jobs, track progress, create to-do lists, set due dates and reminders and much more. If you want to use one of the easiest automatic scheduling software free solutions out there, consider Sling.


DRoster employee shift scheduling software allows you to easily manage staff scheduling without putting in quite so much time. The software allows you to add employees, positions and duties to begin scheduling shifts as soon as you download the program. It provides a helpful schedule software tutorial to help you make the most out of the software. If you run a home healthcare business, you will have someone on staff ready to go. Consider DRoster if you want to use one of the easiest automatic employee scheduling software options on the market for all types of businesses.


Schedulehead free accounts offer the most basic automatic scheduling features to small business owners on a tight budget. The free account version automatically sends emails to your employees with a copy of their schedule. It also gains you access to Knowledgebase support to fix issues that arise or help you learn to better navigate the software. Schedulehead free accounts only allow automatic scheduling tools to be used by 1 administrator for up to 10 employees. If you have more employees than that, you will need to bump up your account to a Schedulehead premium account for $19/month. If you have ten employees or less, definitely consider taking advantage of one of the best automatic scheduling tools available to small business owners.


Homebase is another scheduling software that offers free accounts as well as accounts with more features in a tiered pricing model. A basic Homebase account makes scheduling and payroll quick and easy. The software has the future tools for scheduling, time tracking, team communication and reporting. In addition, they even offer a mobile scheduling app for you to use on-the-go. They offer phone and email support and manager training that is specialized to health and beauty businesses. Consider using the Homebase program if you want to be able to use a free scheduling software that does not charge any unexpected hidden fees. You will not regret it.

These free automatic scheduling tools make it easy to create employee shift schedules quickly for every employee, from virtual assistants to clinical coordinators and everywhere in between. Using these tools above, you will never have to worry about double-booking healthcare providers or overlapping server’s shifts. As a small business owner, you run things on a tight budget. That is why it is so important to find automatic scheduling software free options that work well without charging an arm and a leg. Consider the top scheduling solutions mentioned above to find the best shift scheduling software for your business needs.

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