5 Awesome Penny Stocks For Long Term Investments

There are various awesome penny stocks for long term investments. Penny stocks, or microcap stocks, are what stocks you should invest in. They are an inexpensive way to grow your money and diversify your portfolio. Conduct research by reading fine print or promotional pieces to see if certain penny stock companies are trustworthy. As an investor, invest the money you can afford to lose so your portfolio isn’t jeopardized. Here are some awesome penny stocks for long term investments.

Material Production Companies

An awesome penny stock for long term investment is material production companies. These companies manufacture materials that elevate function and overall performance. This company assists the aerospace, health, energy and automotive industries. Additionally, they are creating functional surfaces that can manipulate light and radio waves. At the beginning of the year, this penny stock cost $1.23 but has shot up to almost $20. In fact, this company has received praise as a “Global Cleantech 100” company. Certainly, an awesome penny stock to invest in long term is material production companies.

Interactive Classroom Solutions

Of course, interactive classroom solutions are another awesome penny stock for long term investments. These solutions target grades K-12 and develop education based products. Products include interactive projectors, assessment systems and touchscreen boards. The company has had a triple-digit revenue growth on a year-over-year (YOY) period over three quarters. The second quarter brought in $46.8 million, which is a 497% increase from the previous year. Furthermore, their client base rose 986%, bringing in orders costing up to $76 million. Their next quarter is projected to bring in $60 million. Certainly, these classroom solutions are an awesome penny stock for long term investments as interactive products are favored.

Biotechnology Companies

Another awesome penny stock for long term investments are biotechnology companies. Companies are focused on discovering, developing and commercializing molecular and polymeric therapies to treat gastrointestinal tract/cardiorenal diseases. Additionally, these companies are discovering and designing drug treatments. They are on path to create a product that reduces dietary sodium and phosphorus absorption. Their goal is to treat kidney disease, irritable bowel syndrome and hyperphosphatemia. Biotechnological companies will always be reliable as they provide medical data, discoveries and breakthroughs. They are one of the best shares to buy. Certainly invest in biotechnology companies as its an awesome penny stock for long term investments.

Energy Companies

Certainly, energy reduction companies are another popular long term penny stock investment. These companies focus on the exploration and creation of fossil fuel resources. They mainly work on deep water oil and gas asset developments. As it produced an exploration program with vast assets in parts such as US Gulf of Mexico, Ghana and Senegal, this stock is diversified within the industry. In the second quarter, the company’s production was 51,600 barrels of oil per day. That brought in $384 million in revenue. In fact, they are expecting to reduce leverage through the next year. Definitely invest long term with energy company penny stocks.

Business Automation Services

Finally, you should invest in penny stock business automation services. These services offer diversified software solutions to clients in the health, travel, tech and publishing industries. This includes solutions such as energy automation systems. With these services, these industries can effectively perform digital modification strategies. By covering dozens of industries, they can provide discrete services and every day end-to-end processes. Therefore, they are projected to increase sales and free cash flow in the coming years. In fact, the company has finished its $150 million “at-the market equity program”. This resulted in the company increasing its liquidity over $200 million. Certainly, an awesome penny stock for long term investment is business automation services.

There are several awesome penny stocks for long term investments. Invest in material production companies as they are praised as one of the “Global Cleantech 100” companies. Interactive classroom solutions are an awesome penny stock as product orders have reached about $76 million and interactive products are favored in schools. Additionally, invest in penny stock biotechnology companies as they are increasing in value due to the advancements and developments in the health industry. Certainly, invest in energy companies as they are exploring the creation and discovery of fossil fuels. Definitely invest in business automation services as they are projected to increase sales and free cash flow. These are the top awesome penny stocks for long term investments.

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