Best Shares To Buy Now For Long Term Investments With Large Returns


Investing in companies is all about research. There is your answer to “what is investment banking?”  You need to do your due diligence every time you go into the stock market. You must ensure that you are buying stocks in companies that are looking towards an uptick in the market. If you are a investor in need of some clues on which companies are worth investing in, consider the ones listed in this post. Here are the best shares to buy in 2016.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle’s growth was recently slowed by an E.Coli breakout. However, this is not too concerning. The impact will only last a few months at most. In contrast, Chipotle’s popularity is growing rapidly due to society’s recent fascination with healthy organic ingredients. They are also looking to double their store count in the U.S. by the end of this year. In addition, there are also plans for an aggressive expansion overseas. Thus far, Chipotle’s international locations only account for about 1% of its total stores so there is an incredible amount of room for growth. These growth opportunities and popular demand make Chipotle shares some of the best to buy in 2016.


If you are not looking for a low cost investment, Apple is, of course, an excellent share to buy from any of the top online broker options. This company is one of the most valuable in technology, having over 1 billion active devices. Apple generates 40%+ return on equity and gross margins. Apple also has an expected five year revenue frowth rate of about 6% and a five year EPS growth rate of 11%. Clearly, if you can afford it, buying Apple shares will provide you with an excellent return.

Honeywell International

Industrial companies are always a safe bet to invest in. Honeywell has a strong presence in the industry because they make everything from home security systems and office security to airplane parts. Their aerospace engines are on display as often as their home tower fans. But what should really make you optimistic is their recent growth in stock value. Their price per share is expected to go up 8%, making it about $6.58 a share. They also are sustaining efforts to make an assortment of accessible products like the Lyric smart thermostat. These are just some of the reasons it is best to buy shares in Honeywell International this year.

AIG (American International Group)

AIG has been recovering from its 2008 government bailout for the last few years. This may discourage you somewhat. However, they have actually been making very steady progress, much like Clean Energy ETF. That will likely result in strong returns in the near future. At the moment, they are focusing more on downsizing rather than rebuilding. They are pulling back from regions like Central America and Japan. This will help trim their expenses and improve their equity. Analysts predict that their profits will jump nearly 20% from their efforts. Also, their shares are currently lower than book value. Therefore you will likely see a very nice return on your AIG shares if you buy them now.

Ascent Solar Technologies

Ascent Solar Technologies is a leader in solar technology development. They have developed award-winning photovoltaic modules that are more versatile and sturdy than traditional solar panels. They also have products that integrate seamlessly with various consumer products. Recently, they have seen very nice progress with their current solar projects. One of which is a pair of high voltage-low current products designed for the aerospace market. Ascent has a strong reputation and has only seen growth in recent years. Therefore, they are an incredibly reliable company and one of the best shares to buy.

Stock values fluctuate constantly throughout the year. It is incredibly important for you to research trends and find out more about the companies you want to invest in. You are more likely to profit from companies that are developing new products or practicing new cost-saving ideas like Intuit stock. If you want a quick look into the companies that are exhibiting these new developments in 2016, refer to this post. You will gain some valuable information on the best shares to buy.

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