5 B2B Lead Generation Strategies To Avoid Bad Conversion Rates

Sales professionals get a lot of flack. But, they truly do have one of the toughest jobs in business. This is particularly true when it comes to generating leads. (If you do not already know what is a sales lead, check out that post first.) B2B lead generation can be a grueling endeavor for a sales representative just starting out in their B2B sales career. If this characterization describes you, you are in luck. Find out top B2B lead generation strategies that are proven effective below.

Keep Forms Short

Long B2B lead generation forms are one of the top reasons for lagging conversion rates. Many times, salespeople want to know as much as they can about a potential lead to determine their sales outlook. Because of this, they require businesses to input a ton of information about themselves and their operations. However, this can be off-putting, even for potentially serious clients. If B2B sales clients see that your form requires a whole slew of information, they are less likely to take the time to finish it. Avoid this problem by keeping lead generation forms as short as possible. This will make this particular area of your lead generation strategies much more effective.

Make LinkedIn A Priority

LinkedIn is often underappreciated, even by B2B sales professionals like yourself. Do not make this mistake. Make LinkedIn a priority for your B2B lead generation strategies online. The professional networking platform is proven to be much more effective than Twitter. However, many B2B sales professionals still mistakenly dedicate a majority of their time online to the platform. Using the right lead generation tools is a must. Otherwise, even the best lead generation tactics will be ineffective.

Take Advantage Of Slideshare

Slideshare, the slide hosting service that allows you to share presentations online, can be the perfect tool for reaching potentially interested business buyers. In fact, over 70% of the service’s traffic arrives there looking for specific solutions to professional problems. This presents the perfect opportunity to find more relevant leads who are not only interested in your returns policy. Create a Slideshare presentation that you know will benefit your target audience and address their specific business needs. Make it stand out with colorful, attractive graphics and useful content. Then, wait and watch the sales leads roll in.

Do Not Cold Call

Cold calling indicates that you have not done your homework. It is an outdated, ineffective sales strategy. If you are still using cold calling strategies to generate leads for yourself, you are in trouble. This old-fashioned tactic typically has a result that is the exact opposite of the desired outcome. It can give professionals a poor image of your company, and of you as a salesperson. Do away with cold calling tactics. Instead, replace the practice with warm calling. Research potential leads before calling them. That will help you generate qualified leads that are much more likely to lead to a closed deal.

Personalized Direct Mail

Personalize your direct mailings in small batches. This will make your lead generation tactics much more effective. The smaller your direct mail marketing batches, the better. Email recipients will me much more inclined to respond when they see that you took the time to reach out in a personal, conversational manner, unlike other marketers hocking the latest retail trends. Small batched emails are much more difficult to ignore than those massive, generic email blasts. Get smaller and more personal in your direct mail strategies to optimize your B2B lead generating strategies.

If you are a young sales professional new to their B2B career, generating leads can be the hardest part of your job. However, it does not have to be. There are proven B2B lead generating tactics that can help you find the right clients for your product or service. Above are some of the top B2B lead generation strategies out there. Consider implementing them now to generate more qualified leads that lead to increased sales figures for the rest of your career.

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