What Is A Sales Lead? Beginners Guide To Important Sales Terminology

If you are only just breaking into the world of sales, you may need a quick beginner’s guide. All of your searching has probably left you wondering “What is a sales lead?” Actually, it has probably left you with quite a few questions. Well, allow this post to answers those questions for you, so you can identify electrical leads from qualified leads.

What Is A Sales Lead?

What is a sales lead? As the name would imply, a sales lead is a connection that could potentially lead to a sale. Sales leads are typically generated through marketing campaigns. Advertisements, trade shows, social media marketing and direct mailings are some of the marketing methods that provide sales leads. As a sales person, you are responsible for effectively utilizing these leads. Knowing the answer to the simple question, “what is a sales lead” is the first step to ensuring you do just that.

Who Can Be A Sales Lead?

Who can be a sales lead? Simply put, anyone. Anyone can be a sales lead. A lead is any person or business that has the potential to eventually become a client of your business. Both people and businesses can be classified as sales leads. This is because both entities can pay money for services or products from your business. If someone could potentially be interested in buying your business’s frozen yogurt recipe, that person is a sales lead. There are no limitations to who can become a sales lead for your business. Ultimately, this is something you want to take advantage of to succeed in business. Everyone can be a sales lead.

What Is A Prospect?

A prospect can be identified as two separate things. Some professionals define a prospect as an individual or business that fits into your target audience but has not expressed interest in buying or forming a relationship. Others define prospects as sales ready leads that have already progressed on through to the sales team. You can choose to identify a prospect as either of these. Just be sure there is a general consensus regarding the use of the term at your organization. Why get an MBA when you can learn these valuable sales terms in a single online post?

What Is A Sales Qualified Lead?

In your research, you may have also stumbled across the term sales qualified lead, or SQL. What is a sales qualified lead? Well, simply put, a sales qualified lead is a lead that you have further information on beyond just basic contact information. Typically, sales qualified leads are considered as such after you have gained information regarding the lead’s budget, authority, need and timescale. This is commonly refered to as BANT. Once this information is gathered to run a business, a sales associate typically ranks the sales leads based on the probability of closing. This is when a sales lead can be considered a sales qualified lead. Before, you may have thought answering the question what is a sales lead would be simple. However, there is a little bit more to it than just that. Remember the differences between sales leads and sales qualified leads. You will need this information in order to become a proficient sales professional.

What Is Leads Generation?

Leads generation is another aspect of sales that you must become familiar with. Leads generation is not typically the job of the sales professional. However, at smaller companies you may be forced to generate your own leads if there is no budget for marketing personnel. Lead generation is the process of attracting strangers to the service or product that you are selling. There are many ways to do this. There are even third party companies that sell lists of sales leads. However, you can also look to the internet for cheap, effective leads generation. By utilizing social media tips you can successfully find prospective customers. If your business has a website, that is another great method. You can also generate leads by attending trade shows and making use of business networking platforms like LinkedIn. Conduct further customer research on how to generate sales leads, if necessary. However, if you are a sales professional anticipating working for a company with a competent marketing department, you will not have to worry. Knowing what leads generation is will be more than enough to allow you to do your job to the best of your ability.

How Do I Put This Into Practice?

Now that you have answers to your question “What is a sales lead,” among others, you are probably wondering how to put all this knowledge into practice when it comes to sales metrics. That is excellent! Having a desire to work and a hunger for success is the first step to having a lucrative career in sales. If you are currently looking for work as a sales professional, the first thing you should do is create a profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn, in case you do not already know, is a social media platform specifically created for business networking purposes. LinkedIn is frequently used by professionals in the sales industry to generate sales leads and to locate prospects for new employees. Create a profile that will appeal to recruiters and hiring managers. Interact frequently on the platform. Write thought provoking posts, and comment on and share others’ posts. This will help to get you noticed without ever having to attend a SEM training course. Do not be afraid to message recruiters and hiring managers asking for a job. Sell yourself. This will be the best way to prove yourself. Use the information in this post and platforms like LinkedIn to land yourself the sales job of your choosing.

If you are just breaking into the world of sales, all the new terminology can be overwhelming. Allow this post to make the career move a little less daunting. Remember the answers to the questions. What is a sales lead? It is essentially the contact info of a potential client or customer. A sales qualified lead is a lead that you have more information on, in order to rank the probability of closing on a deal with them. Lead generation is typically the worry of marketing departments, but if not, make sure to download a CRM app to help you become an expert. Either way, remember the definition to ensure you are a master of your craft. Put all this knowledge into practice and sell yourself on LinkedIn to score the job of your dreams. Good luck!

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