5 Essential Beehive Supplies Equipment For Beekeepers Getting Started

There are many essential beehive supplies equipment for beekeepers getting started. Bee and hive health requires year-round monitoring. Of course, after honey production season, bees need to survive the next cold six months. Typically, they live on pollen and stored honey until the spring. As a beekeeper, you must ensure that your bees have a weather-protected hive and enough nutrition to make it through the winter. Read on to discover the most essential beehive supplies equipment for beekeepers getting started.


Certainly, hives are an essential equipment for beekeepers getting started. These hives will be your largest investment within your new hobby. Choose between starter hives or bee kits. Starter hives come with both physical hives and bees. Everything you need to create a hive comes in one package. On the other hand, you can purchase a bee kit. This kit comes with a single queen and an army of bees. However, you need to acquire an empty hive before the kit arrives. Generally, modern hives consist of layers of small boxes that are stacked on top of each other. Investing in reputable hives, you can improve productivity in workplace. Surely, beekeepers getting started need hives for their bees to live and produce honey.

Body & Covers

Of course, another essential beehive supplies equipment for keepers getting started are body and covers. The body consists of the outer layer of the hive. It is otherwise known as the box. Pick the body shape and size based on the hive you have. Typically, the most common type is the top-bar hive, which features individual bars across the top of the hive cavity. According to industry experts, you should acquire a hive that has spare boxes. This can be beneficial for expanding your colony and collecting honey. Notably, obtain hive covers too. These mesh covers and bottom boards supply better ventilation. Additionally, they provide traffic control for the bees. Of course, body and covers are essential beehive supplies equipment for beekeepers getting started.


Frames are essential beehive supplies equipment for beekeepers starting out. The frame holds the beeswax combs. Typically, frames are about 18 inches long and up to 10 inches high depending on the hive-body depths. Frames consist of a top bar, two end bars, and a bottom bar. Usually, the top bars are grooved or wedged while the bottom bars are split, grooved, or solid. Top bars hang from ledges or rabbets at the end of the hive’s body. Additionally, v-shaped metal strips or frame spacers are nailed on the recess as reinforcement. Investing in these solutions, you can easily maximize efficiency at your company. Generally, end bars have shoulders to ensure correct bee space between adjoining frames and sides of the box. Certainly, frames are essential beehive supplies equipment for beekeepers getting started.

Hive Tool

Another beginner beekeeper’s essential beehive supplies equipment is a hive tool. This tool is used to pry open the propolis sealed hive that the bees glued together. Additionally, you can detach combs from the sides of the hive, loosen hive parts, and lift frames. Additionally, you can use it to remove the venom sac from the skin after a bee sting. The tool is based off of the “Bill Wood Comb Knife”. The comb cutting knife and the traditional hive tool are added together for a completely convenient tool. Certainly obtain a hive tool as a beekeeper getting started.

Protective Gear

Finally, protective gear is an essential beehive supplies equipment for beginner beekeepers. You should have gear such as gloves, bee suits, and a bee veil to protect yourself from bee stings. There are two types of bee suits for safety. A regular suit is made of heavy cotton while ventilated suits are made with layers of breathable mesh. Usually, hive inspections are done without bees noticing you. However, there are times when bees get agitated and will attempt to sting you. These items greatly lessen your chances of getting stung. Make sure there are no openings in your clothes that bees can enter through. Additionally, check for gaps between the suit, gloves and veil. When purchasing protective gear, be sure to carefully manage your money as a first time business. Definitely have protective gear are a beekeeper getting started.

Certainly, there are several essential beehive supplies equipment for beekeepers getting started. First, obtain a beehive for your bees to live and produce honey. Additionally, use body and covers for hive optimization. Of course, the frames are used to hold beeswax combs. The hive tool is used to pry open the hive, loosen hive parts and lift frames. Finally, protective gear is to keep you from getting stung. These are just a few of the essential beehive supplies equipment for beekeepers getting started.

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