9 Ways To Boost And Accelerate Productivity In The Workplace

It can be challenging to inspire your workforce to feel motivated to come into the office prepared to work. However, there are some surefire tactics that employers can implement in order to boost the efficiency and skill level of their employees that can be replicated on a daily basis. These are the top ways to boost and accelerate employee productivity. These tried and true tactics are handed down from entrepreneurs from all walks:

Eliminate Distractions

Bright screens or large vibrant art pieces can easily distract people from the work they are set out to do. For example, having a TV screen with a loud video or music playing can become very distracting, especially if the track is on loop throughout the day, which can easily start to agitate your workers. Instead, install fixtures with motivating and inspiring sources of sound. Used in the service industry, small fountains where the sound of flowing water can have productive as well as calming effects on users within earshot.

Be Forward-Thinking

In order to attract top talent nowadays, employers need to be crafty with their corporate wellness offering. To be forward-thinking means to allow a day or two for employees to enjoy something that may not necessarily be associated with the workplace, such as Casual Fridays or allowing dogs to come to the office. Employees greatly appreciate these small gestures since it enhances their comfort while they’re working.

Adopt Testing Protocol

Drugs can be one of the biggest causing factors affecting employee productivity. In fact, workers with a developing drug use problem can find it very hard to focus on their work for any given timeframe, whether they are participating in drug abuse recreationally or on duty. It’s important nowadays with the increasing availability of myriad drugs for employers to implement some form of unbiased, random drug testing procedure so employees are monitored for possible preventable substance abuse.

Encourage Relaxation And Play

When you as an employer or human resource manager make time for corporate wellness for employees in the form of wine downs, corporate events and happy hour sessions, going to work will feel less like a chore and more like a get together with the people that you spend the most time with a daily basis. These events can help build and sustain camaraderie in the workplace, which will later build trust between employees; this is a critical element to getting things done efficiently, and by encouraging teamwork that works. Also, having events of this nature scheduled on a regular basis not only gives employees something to look forward to before month’s end; it also helps lessen the reluctance to participate or agree to random drug testing procedures outlined in the company’s drug testing policy.

Delegate Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of management and the executive team to be on top of who is charge of what on a regular basis. This leads to accountability in the workplace, which shouldn’t be seen as something intimidating or negative. In fact, accountability in the workplace can be generic and neutral if handled properly; when someone does not work or a task is not fulfilled to the initial expectations, simply delegate to someone new or evaluate where to improve.

Positive Reinforcement

If something is performed correctly, or the team achieves a project they’ve been working on for several months, this is the right time to congratulate your force on their hard-earned labor. By offering positive reinforcement for good work, employees will feel motivated to repeat their good work in order to earn more reinforcement. Positivity feels good no matter where you are or who you work for.

Enforce Health And Happiness

If you want your employees to be productive throughout the day, make sure they’re equipped with nutritious snacks and an unlimited supply of caffeine. Even just a box of donuts in the morning can help boost employee morale. It’s really that simple. Small gestures like this can really demonstrate that employees are valued and that they’re appreciated.

Advocate Social Justice

Encourage your employees to get actively involved in any social justice cause of their choosing, whether that be helping with beach clean-ups or participating in a women’s rights walk. Your business can partner with other social entrepreneurs to make a difference. Whatever the cause, employers can create value for their companies by emphasizing the importance of corporate responsibility.

Listen To Ideas

Every employee has a unique vantage point of your company from which they might have some creative ideas on how to improve processes. If you’re an executive looking for ways to scale or increase revenue, it’s very important to factor in feedback from every employee. Not to mention, they’ll feel valued by the company and motivated to perform.

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