5 Best Accounting Software Features For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are interested in the most effective way to manage their finances. An effective method is to utilize real estate specific accounting software. With software solutions, processes that used to be contracted out are made easy. Real estate agents can manage even complex book keeping tasks on their own. This leads to better organization and management systems. There are a variety of software options for brokerage firms and self-employed agents alike. Each of these software solutions offers unique features to help you close more deals and manage your accounts. Continue reading to learn about the features of the best accounting software for real estate agents.

Useful Dashboards

First, real estate accounting software provides users with useful dashboard features. These dashboards allow agents to access key information in one, simple place. Customizable charts and graphs make it easy to monitor your cash flow and track monthly trends that are important for your business. These charts also let users track outstanding invoices by providing tools that summarize what is owed to you. Filtering tools even allow you search based on individual customer criteria. The monitoring features available on these dashboards help real estate agents keep track of their accounts more efficiently. Invest in the best accounting software for real estate agents to take advantage of useful dashboards.

Profit Tracking By Deal

Another useful feature of real estate accounting software is the ability to track profits by deal. This is particularly useful for real estate agents who are self-employed. At-home brokers can use these software features to track the costs of each property individually. The software integrated easily with your bank account. This allows you to download transactions automatically. You can also then cash expenses by scanning receipts. Self-employed real estate agents benefit grateful tracking their profits by deal. This feature allows brokers to print an overall profit and loss statement for each sale. This is especially useful when it is time to file tax returns. The best real estate accounting software lets agents track profits by deal.

Easy Billing

The best real estate accounting software provides agents with easy billing options. These features are especially useful for real estate agents who specialize in rental properties. This software lets you to easily generate invoices to be sent out to your tenants. It allows you to provide payment options from a list of major card companies. Instead of being limited by check or money order, your clients can easily pay their rent with a credit card. This significantly improves customer satisfaction and makes the bill pay easier. With these features, real estate agents get paid faster. Instead of taking multiple trips to the bank each week, money is deposited from the tenants directly into your account. Real estate accounting software provides agents with easy billing capabilities.

Remote Management

These software solutions also allow real estate professionals to monitor their accounts remotely. With open houses and showings all over town, real estate agents are always on the go. Cloud-based accounting software provides remote access to all information on an easy-to-use application. Integrative apps let agents fulfill their accounting needs from a mobile device. These cloud-based software systems are accessible from any PC or mobile phone. Users can keep track of invoices, expenses, and tax inputs from anywhere. When agents can pull up their client information from any location, they are better able to cater to buyers needs. The best accounting software for real estate agents offers cloud-based remote management features.

Better Document Organization

Lastly, with accounting software, real estate professionals can organize their documents more efficiently. This is particularly useful for large brokerage firms with hundreds of accounts. Manual organization can be especially tedious. It is also associated with more loss and error risks. Organizing documents in a digital format provides increased accuracy and saves time. Agents are better able to discover and keep track of all accounting data. This includes receipts, invoices, bank and credit card statements. Simple search features allow you to easily pull up and current or past contracts. These software solutions make it easy for real estate agents to organize and access all of their important documents.

Real estate accounting software offers agents numerous helpful features. Customizable dashboards provide charts and graphs that make it easier to monitor trends. These software solutions allow self-employed agents to track their profits by an individual deal easily. Billing features make it easier to generate client invoices. Remote management systems allow real estate agents to access their accounts on the go. Save time with the improved document organization offered by these digital solutions. These are just some of the useful features of the best accounting software for real estate agents.

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