10 Of The Best Businesses To Start Under 20K For Beginners

There are various best businesses to start under 20k for starters. According to a major online report, more than 25 million Americans are ready to abandon traditional work options for full-time self-employment opportunities. This journey is difficult for entrepreneurs, like yourself, without a large amount of upfront capital to ease the stress. However, this shouldn’t stop you from following your aspirations and starting your dream business. Read on to discover the best businesses you can start for under 20k.

Resume Services

You can start a resume services business for under $20,000. This job requires limited upfront capital. In fact, if you already own a laptop or desktop computer, you can start this business completely free. Post your services on popular free online job boards such as LinkedIn or Indeed. For example, explain that you can create purposeful business resumes and cover letters to help customers find employment. Of course, consider scheduling appointments with clients to understand who they are to create more effective documents. More so, offer extra services such as thank-you letters for business considerations and portfolio composition to optimize LinkedIn profiles. Certainly, create a pricing layout for you services such as $100 per resume, $25 per cover letter and $75 for optimizing a LinkedIn account. Surely, you can start a resume services business for under 20k.

Senior Transition Business

Another business you can start for under 20k is a senior transition company. This job consists of helping elderly customers and their families move to a new location or senior care facility. As a result, the only upfront capital you need is a moving truck and transportation materials such as a hand cart. Plus, you may need to save extra funds for gas expenses. Of course, you could offer various moving services, including finding the right living situation for your senior client, packing their items and transporting them to their new property. More so, you can help customers set up their new home and dispose of unwanted furniture, personal items or decorations. You can charge customers $500 or more depending on their location, possessions and requirements. Certainly, consider opening a senior transition business for less than 20k.

Personal Training

Of course, you can open a personal training business for less than $20,000. With about a $10,000 investment, you can start working as a personal trainer. Start marketing your company with online advertising and social media posts. Then, you need to purchase exercise equipment including kettle bells, weights and jump ropes. More so, you don’t necessarily need to own property to run your business. Consider offering training options at local community centers, outdoor fields or at home exercises. Certainly, create a pricing sheet that clearly states what you charge per training level. This can help you determine your annual personal trainer salary. For example, if you are a 30 minute training session, charge about $75. For intense, long-winded workouts, consider charging closer to $200. Surely, you can start a personal training business for less than 20k.

Car Wash Company

Next, you can open a car wash business for less than $20,000. From 2021 to 2028, the car wash industry is set to increase by $6 billion. Depending on your location, you can purchase a self-serve bay car wash for as little as $15,000. On the other hand, you can run an at-home car wash and only pay for the cleaning materials. Of course, you can charge customers to use your equipment to wash their cars for about $20. Or, you can provide customers with the option to have their cars cleaned for them for about $35 with a mobile car wash option. Certainly, consider offering interior car detailing for around $100 to $160 depending on the session. Definitely think about opening a car wash business for less than 20k.

Framing Business

Furthermore, for less than 20k, you can start a framing business. Consider renting a property to house your business for anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 per month depending on location and size. Or, simply run it online for less money. Customers can come to you with their images, artwork or posters to have them framed. Certainly, costs differ based on the framing needs. For example, you can charge around $15 to $70 on smaller sized frames, such as 5″x5″. On the other hand, larger frames, such as 30″x40″ can cost anywhere from $95 to $200. Certainly, consider opening a framing business for less than 20k.

There are several best businesses you can start for under 20K for starters. You can open a resume services company for as little as a laptop computer or desktop costs since all processes can be completed on free online platforms. Consider opening a senior transition business where the starting fees consist of purchasing or leasing a moving truck, related tools and gas. Of course, you can start a personal training business with marketing and exercise equipment for about $10,000. Next, you can open a car wash business for $15,000 for self-serve bay options or as little as $500 for mobile, at home services. Finally, you can start a framing business with costs for a property, online store and inventory costing less than $20,000. These are just a few of the best businesses to start under 20k as a starter.

There are many businesses for beginners to start with under $20K. Since there are so many businesses and services in demand, there is something for entrepreneurs of every skill level and budget. Often, these businesses are started either full-or-part time and in various locations, dependent on the service provided. As an entrepreneur, consider your skills, experience level, and budget to maximize your chances of starting a successful business. Plus, consider the required startup costs when selecting your industry as well.

Print-On-Demand (POD) Online

Print on-demand services are one of the easiest ways to make money online. You’ll be selling unique apparel that gets manufactured after an order is placed. The customer pays you, and you use that money to pay the manufacturer, who then sends the apparel to your client. This way, you make a profit without investing in stock or real estate to house it. However, you’ll be designing the apparel you sell. Design in this way is often challenging without an interest in the craft or a dedicated designer. If graphic design is not your forte, consider hiring a designer so you continue to make profits and grow your business via high-quality designs. Surely, online POD services provide significant profits without much investment.

Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing has significant profit potential as long as the numbers are on your side. This requires a significant initial investment, however. By investing $20k, a return of over tenfold is possible. Search for relatively new builds in safe neighborhoods to keep maintenance and upkeep costs low. Owning a rental property in this way provides significant, steady income over long periods of time. Set some of your rental profits aside for unexpected costs, and keep on top of maintenance so costs don’t accumulate. Once launched, leverage real estate video marketing services to promote your company. Absolutely, investing in real estate rentals is a simple method that provides significant, steady income over time.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are a great investment for food-loving entrepreneurs. Since many are pioneers of cuisine in their respective locations, there is surely demand for these businesses. The only skills required are cooking and driving, as well as the ability to work long hours. However, full food trucks are often expensive, so consider buying one used. Determine a specific cuisine niche to fill, since an eleventh burger truck in a town with ten other burger trucks probably won’t do very well. Drive the truck to fairs, festivals, and other events. Alternatively, office parks are a great place to set up shop. Certainly, food trucks provide a great opportunity for you to make great food and offer great service in your city.

Childcare Enrichment Services

Childcare enrichment services such as tutoring are increasing in demand as school budgets continue to shrink. Many parents out there will pay significant amounts to further their child’s academic development. With just a few thousand dollars for marketing, you can start a tutoring business or home-based childcare business. Market your services directly to parents, local school districts, and parent-teacher organizations. Next, incentivize them to refer other parents. Determining a niche, such as a specific subject, also helps market your services. In fact, there’s a pretty big demand for high school level SAT tutors. Definitely, tutoring and other childcare enrichment services provide lucrative services at small investment costs.


Blogging is another great business opportunity that can be started for a couple hundred dollars, at most. Pick a subject matter you’re passionate about and have a lot of knowledge of. Next, purchase a domain name and create your website. There are many web hosting and blogging tools that help with this at incredibly low costs. Additionally, these platforms typically make it easy to build and customize your website. From there, start creating content that solves problems within your chosen niche. Once established, find appropriate affiliate programs, as this is how you profit. Learn about search engine optimization (SEO) and build relationships with your affiliates as well as other bloggers. Determine a time every week to upload new posts and perform maintenance such as deleting dead links. Of course, blogging provides significant profits at reduced initial investment and effort costs.

There is a myriad of businesses for beginners to start for under $20k. One such business is print-on-demand services involving large profit margins at relatively no investments. Investing in real estate provides significant returns on investment, but over long periods of time. Food trucks enable significant returns on investment as long as you’re filling a cuisine niche and doing business in the right locations. Various child enrichment services like tutoring enable profits at very small investments for marketing. Finally, blogging provides significant returns on investment that functionally solves problems you’re passionate about. When searching for the best businesses for beginners to start for under $20k, consider the businesses described above.

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