The 5 Most Important Things To Have On A Business Resume

Companies have high expectations for applicants. They take resumes into careful consideration when choosing candidates to interview and, ultimately, hire. For this reason, it is crucial for job seekers like yourself to create top-notch resumes. After all, it’s the first thing a prospective employer will see of you. Thus, it is your first chance to impress them. Some companies use resume databases and review hundreds of resumes a day. If you want to stand out among them, read this post about the most important things to have on a business resume.


What is your experience? It should be more than just a list of everywhere you have worked. However, it should only go back so far. If you have been working for 20 years, avoid including the part-time jobs you worked as a student. Try and emphasize why each job relates to the position you are currently seeking to apply for, have you used certain software before or are experienced dealing with the same type of customers, anything that relates directly to the new position.


Show relevant achievements and examples of them. So if you are looking to work in sales you could give examples of targets reached in old positions but go further than that, emphasize how you achieved this and what resources you did it with. For example, if you had a limited budget and still achieved your goals, it can be seen as a real win. Add anything that can bring a bit of color and life to the application. Then, you will stand out in the talent pool and impress prospective employers.


It’s good to emphasize what you have achieved educationally, as the more qualified you are the better it looks on your resume. Be sure to think about what your time at university gave you in terms of opportunities and try to make sure that it shows. It’s always good to try and improve yourself and if you are sprucing up your resume for something other than a job then make it reflect this. For example, if you are applying for a course of study, try to shape the resume in anticipation of the PhD interview questions you might be asked.


Try and have a good list of things you have done outside of your professional life to give an alternative slant to the type of person you are. Any charity work can really be helpful and it shows that you are someone with a social conscience and also are not afraid of a little bit of extra work. Other things like if you have been involved in sports, coaching or running youth groups for example. Show your personality development in this section of your business resume.


What can show that you are the right person for the job more than someone vouching for you who has been your boss in the past? Rather than just put your previous managers details on the resume let them know that they are being used as a referee and if they are glad to then they may even be happy to write you a personalized letter of recommendation. This shows that you really made an impression and were not just another face in the crowd.

In order to land the job of your dreams, you need to write an impressive business resume. Begin by creating a list of your experiences, keeping them as relevant to the position you are applying for as possible. Include any achievements that you have made to show prospective employers that you work hard. Employers also look for education information and extra curricular activities in resumes. Finally, add references to the bottom of your resume. If you create sections for each of these features, you will impress employers with your business resume.

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